Month: May 2008


My lovely and talented friend Kelly P (who I’ve mentioned on Live Journal in the past) has started a photography business. She’s coming out to Chicago to do my wedding in November, and I am very excited. She has a way of capturing the true essence of people. Check out her site and her wonderful work here:

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Anywhere Is….

So, after months ofdebate and deep thought (OK, maybe not that much thinking), I have decided to post blog posts at my domain again. Actually, I plan for A-I to be a catch-all for all my sites, so I’ll still have a presence at LJ and Blogspot…. but I’ll try to consolidate most of my spread out all over cyberspace entries on the domain. One stop shopping, or something like that.

At any rate, that’s the deal. Heinous dorkitudinal happenings. Word. :)

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