Why today was good:

1. Aidan was excited about riding the train, and he loved it. I have to give him kudos for giving it another shot after he was so scared the first time.

2. I returned that icky pillow to Target, got the $10 credited back on my gift card, then proceeded to spend it right away. Most of the stuff was food or for Aidan.

3. I returned some stuff at Kohl’s, and it was 100% hassle-free. YAY.

4. We went to the library today. I have a HUGE bag of books. I also ran into someone who was raving about Amanda Marrone’s Uninvited. I was proud to tell her that I know Amanda! I also showed her Adam’s book, and she checked it out. YAY for pimping out my peeps. Not only that, but I have a TON of books to read. YAY. I’m so glad that new user five-book limit is all done.

5. Sundaes at Margie’s Candies (the place Adam and I got engaged!). I had one with chocolate and vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, and … wait for it… warm chocolate and marshmallow sauce. Food HEAVEN. I should have taken a picture of the sundae, and I should have had Adam take a picture of my face when I got the sundae. Yummy.

Right now, I’m hungry. I could go for some Popeye’s Chicken, or Pie-Eyed Pizza. But I will make spaghetti. Because I can always go for that.

See ya!

(Originally published at Anywhere Is…)

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