Day: September 8, 2008

Quick Update of Today

Today went well at the new place. One of the account managers from Aquent showed up to give us Aquent people little gifts for our desks. I love that company; they’ve been so good to me.

I have my own desk, computer, and phone, and the work area is open, but not as open as ZB was. Everyone’s friendly and nice. The atmosphere is business casual, but I saw a LOT of people wearing jeans today. The lunch room is nice, and they have a cool coffee/cocoa machine. The work is going to get crazy–I’m going to be working a LOT over the next few months: 5-10 hours a week overtime during the really busy part; weekends and late nights (except for when I go to WDW)–but the paychecks will be fantastic.

I’m excited because of this: Schawk Named “Best Workplace in the Americas”. Cool, huh? :)

There’s a lot to learn, but I’m sure I will be able to handle it. I like it there. But now I’m tired. So, I’m gonna finish up on the computer, take a bath, and crash. ‘Til next time!

P.S. Adam’s new book, I Put A Spell On You, comes out tomorrow.

Buy It!

It’s my favorite one by him.

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OK, Y’all….

I’m off. Hopped up on Red Bull and running on adrenaline. I’ll post an update when I get home! :)

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