Day: November 6, 2008

Random McRandomness

· The song Bet On It from one of the High School Musical soundtracks is currently stuck in my head.

· I remember years ago seeing an episode of Hannah Montana and liking it a lot. It was during a random Saturday or something, and I never figured out how to turn it on again. Then I didn’t have cable for about 18 months. Years later, Hannah Montana is suddenly HUGE. She’s everywhere, and I remembered thinking “Wow, that show was cute when I saw it a long time ago.” So a couple of weeks ago, I was looking for something else on TV, couldn’t find it, and came across Hannah Montana. I was cracking up during the entire episode. Now it’s one of my favorite shows. Sweet Niblets!

· Schawk ends in 20 days. I’m sad. *sniffle*

· Tomorrow, AIDAN comes to visit me!!!! Chris and some friends are coming to town for the OSU vs. Northwestern game and Aidan’s gonna stay with me tomorrow night and all day Saturday. I can’t wait to see him and squeeze him and hug him lots! ♥

· I completely forgot I was in the middle of writing this post, and I ended up closing the browser. Thank goodness WP has auto save. Bwah.

· Helena is lying on a carpet block right behind me. When I lay my head on the block, she grumbles and pushes it away. It’s kinda funny. If I keep doing it, she gets down.

· Have I ever mentioned that pictures of crying babies crack me up? I don’t know what it is. I don’t like to hear them cry, because it makes me sad. But to see a picture, I dunno. It’s just funny. The other night, I Googled images of crying babies and had a good, long laugh. Maybe I’m must weird like that.

· ALL of my pants are suddenly too tight for me (again). This is very depressing. I need to lose weight again because I am not trying to replace every pair of pants and jeans that I have.

· Christmas shopping has somewhat commenced. I got stuff on Saturday for Adam and Chris. I also got a box of chocolate cherries, but that won’t be happening often as those things are crazy expensive. But OMG so good. Mmm, chocolate cherries. Nom nom nom.

I think that’s it for now. I’m in a kinda silly mood tonight. But it’s shower/snack/read/sleep time. See ya!

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Meme and/or Survey Time!

I stole it from libbydabomb!

Who is your favorite LJ friend and why?
I have a lot, but there are a few whose journals I will always read no matter how busy I am:
adamselzer, meimeigui, zenosidal, swankivy, fifthconundrum, itskels, pixiedash, and wlotus

What is the story of your first kiss?
It was a guy named Adam and we’d worked together at an upscale grocery store. After weeks of flirting, we finally got into the break room alone and we kissed. I was nearly 17.

What is your favorite flavor of jelly/jam.
Grape jam, and organic strawberry preserves.

What color nail polish is the sexiest for women’s toes?
Dunno. On the rare ocassion that I do paint my toenails or get them painted, I like pink.

What is your favorite thing about kissing, or kissing someone new?
Being close to him, tasting him.

What is your favorite dessert?
I like when chocolate and fruit is mixed. So a chocolate cake with cherries and whipped cream would be good. It also depends on my mood–sometimes I want fruity, sometimes chocolately, sometimes rich, sometimes light. I just like dessert, not gonna lie.

What is the one thing that you most definitely for sure MUST accomplish today?
Updating my calendar and iPhone with December travel information.

What are you top five places in the world you still want to see?
Disneyland Paris, England, Ireland, Australia, and maybe Japan.

Which one of your friends should I add to my FList?
Anyone you think you share interest with and would like to learn more about his or her life.

What animal are you afraid of?
Anything that can eat me.

Can men and women really be platonic friends?
I believe so.

What book are you reading these days?
Stop In The Name of Pants! by Louise Rennison.

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