We’re getting snow like whoa at the moment. We could get up to 12 inches, and it’s really coming down out there! Winter is here, even if the official date isn’t for a couple of days. The weather’s also been hovering between frigid and really dang cold. It hasn’t been above 30 since Sunday. Right now it’s 26, tomorrow it’s SUPPOSED to be 33 (we’ll see if that happens) and then we’re going to get hit with the lovely teens again. But hey, as long as it’s not snowing December 25 or 26 or 30, I’ll be happy.

Tonight, Adam and I met Sarah at Christkindlmarket downtown in Daley Plaza. It was a lot of fun. We drank hot chocolate, and took pictures. I’m wearing my new coat in this one. It’s super warm.

Sarah, Me & Adam

Hidden Mickey in Chicago Little VillageMenorah Santa's House!

We also went to Macy’s and visited the most exhausted Santa Claus ever, and we saw the big tree on the 7th floor in the Walnut Room:

Macy's Christmas Tree

We also went to Old Navy and Sears, where I got a new pair of gloves (Isotoners with Thinsulate to keep my hands warm!) and Adam got some clothes that he really looks cute in! (He said I can post pix of his hate tomorrow, but I guess that means today, seeing as it’s after 4 am CST.)

We ate deep dish pizza from Pie Eyed and Christmas cookies, and watched some TV. It was a fun night. :)

I have officially reverted back to night owl status. It really does go against the grain for me to be awake during the day, but I feel less guilty when I am. But as you can see by the time stamp on this entry, being up all night is much more fun for me, as well as more natural. There’s something about sunshine that makes me want to sleep.

We are cat-sitting for Jonathon until this weekend, which means that we are now taking care of four cats. The visitors are Ophelia and Charlie. Ophelia is a black and white kitty with kind of a squashed face and a very vocal little meow. She’s adorable, and she has lots to say. Charlie is a fluffy black cat with beautiful eyes, and she takes longer to warm up to strangers, but now she’s sitting right beside me on the couch. She does the head tilt thing when I pet her, and she rubs against my hand, and she closes her eyes too. I think that means she likes me. Plus, she always lays in my spots when I’m not in them. :) She actually jumped up to sit beside Sarah tonight, and she tried to follow Sarah out the door when Sarah left! She’s also INSANELY soft and fluffy. I have to get pictures of the visiting cats before they go home. I am enjoying having them here, although that Ophelia gets into more mischief than even Helena! I will be sad when they leave. Adam says we have enough cats, so NO MORE. :O

Helena and Crookshanks were happy to have the new cats, but the new cats aren’t being that friendly to them. It’s obvious that Helena and Crookshanks just want to get to know the new cats and play with them, but only Ophelia puts up with either of them, and she clearly likes Crookshanks more than she likes Helena. She and Crookshanks will bump noses, but she hisses at Helena. :(

Thursday was a good day for me. I got a birthday card with money inside from Grandma and Grandpa Selzer, and Mikey surprised me with an adorable apron that was on my wishlist. I’ve never owned an apron before, so I’m really excited. Then there was hanging out downtown with Sarah and Adam, and eating pizza. Now I have a fluffy black cat beside me and I’m feeling pretty good. :)

Did anyone happen to catch the Muppets – Letters To Santa special on TV Wednesday night? It was so adorable! :) And seriously, I can’t believe that it’s now less than a week until Christmas. That’s crazy! It comes so quickly, and yet it doesn’t. I can tell that Adam’s tired of all the Christmasy stuff, but I really don’t want it to end too quickly. And it always seems to do so.

I’m starting to yawn, so I suppose I should get to sleep. ‘Til next time! :)

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