Spring has (sorta) sprung in Chicago!


It was AWESOME having Aidan here for his Spring Break! He is such an awesome, cute kid. I love cuddling him and playing with him and talking with him and making him giggle. Easter morning was adorable. He was up at SEVEN THIRTY in the morning! He walked past his Easter stuff three times before I finally heard him gasp and ask “He came??” Adam brought him to have lunch with me at work almost every day Aidan was in town, and Aidan was a hit with my co-workers. The ice cream was a hit with Aidan. :)

Yesterday was a beautiful spring day in Chicago, so he and I made a day of it downtown.

In the Neighborhood
Aidan in the neighborhood before we headed downtown.

We went to Macy’s on State Street, which used to be Marshall Fields. Lovely Karen at the Philosophy counter told us to head to FAO Schwartz. I was originally taking Aidan to see the giant stuffed animals, but instead, they were having all sorts of fun activities, including balloon animals, live insects to play with (I held a millipede. They are so cool!), and paper flowers.

Aidan, Me, and Smurfs I Got My Face Painted
Aidan Turns Into Batman Aidan as Batman

Aidan as Batman

After we hung out on State Street, Aidan and I hopped on the Red Line, got off at Chicago, had “linner” at McDonald’s, and then walked to the American Girl Place on Michigan Avenue. He actually had a lot of fun in the store! He pretended to share his Push Pop with all the dolls and he LOVED the Itty Bitty Babies. He’s going to be a great daddy someday. :)

Anyway, someone came home with us from AGP yesterday:


Aidan made a tiny heart for Molly’s locket, and now she wears it all the time. She and the other girls got along very well. Molly couldn’t wait to join Ruthie and Riley for a slumber party:

Slumber Party!

I adore Ruthie’s hairstyle.

Usually, when I buy something that’s expensive, I experience buyer’s remorse. But I haven’t felt it at all with my new girls. I guess wanting them for 15-20 years erases the remorse in advance. ;)

Speaking of things that are not cheap, telling Aidan about Disney was entertaining. There was a letter from Mickey addressed to Aidan that said:

Dear Aidan,
I have heard that you have been a very good boy. You’ve been cleaning your room, doing well in school, and sharing your toys with your friends.

Your mommy wants to do something very special for you because you are a very special little boy.

Guess where you’re going this summer!!!!!

See you real soon!
Mickey Mouse

Aidan read the letter aloud, stumbling over a few of the bigger words. Then, this conversation ensued:

Aidan: I’m going to Florida?
Me: Yup. And what’s in Florida? Where does Mickey Mouse live?
Me: Yes! I’m taking you to Disney World this summer!”
*cat wanders by*
Aidan (distractedly): Disney World….
*cat sits*
Aidan: Can I pet the cat?
Me: … well, that was anti-climactic.

However, the more we talk about it, the more excited he gets. He says a YES for It’s A Small World, the carousel and Dumbo for sure, a strong MAYBE for Big Thunder Mountain, and a resounding NO on Tower of Terror.

Hmm, what else did I have to report? I’ve been on the lookout for a new messenger bag. My favorite one–I left a thing of McDonald’s BBQ sauce in the side pocket and of course it exploded. I wonder if I could take it the cleaners? It was time to switch to a spring bag anyway, but I’m having a hard time finding the perfect messenger bag. Anyone have any suggestions? Maybe I’ll check eBags. I’d like a pink one (or one with a funky pattern) that’s not too big, but has many compartments.

I guess that’s all for now. Will try to update more often, but you’ll understand why blogging was the least of my concerns the past ten days. Aidan’s back in Columbus until May 8th, when he’ll spend Mother’s Day weekend with me. When an Unaccompanied Minor flies, the parent has to wait at the gate until the plane is in the air. After doing that, then dealing with the CTA on the way home, Aidan was in Columbus before Adam and I had made it back to our apartment. Tell me that’s not crazy! I got out of the train station (was underground so no signal until I re-emerged) and there was a bunch of texts from Chris and a voice mail from Aidan: “I wanded. Daddy has me. Bye-byeee!”

Till next time! :)

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