My favorite time of the year is here again. And in 2009, I have so much to be excited about and thankful for!

My beautiful and healthy son. Aidan is at the top of his class, he has an “expansive vocabulary,” he’s friendly, popular, and kind.
My amazing husband. This man, understanding that I’d had a stressful day at work, would have my “nest” all ready for me with pillows and something sweet to drink, so all I’d have to do is come home and collapse. :)
My family.
Getting to go to Disney World AND Disneyland this year!
Getting to spend a day with Ricky Luna!
My little orange girl, Helena.
The chance to hear the music of the spellbinding S.J. Tucker, and befriend her as well.
Finally meeting Vixy after hearing Adam rave about her for years and hearing her beautiful voice in many songs.
The new friends I’ve met in the American Girl fandom. There are lots more of us than you think. ;)
The abundance and blessings that have been and keep being rained down on us.
Getting the chance to meet Meg Cabot AND Sarah Dessen this year. Plus, I got to see Laurie Halse Anderson again. ♥ And, I met (and got kissed by) Peter Yarrow, and I met Sharon Draper. *faints*
My Plurk crew. They are hilarious and fun. ♥ them!
The other new friends I met this year: Krista & Crew, Theresa, Amy R., just to name a couple.
Getting back in touch with many people from my school days. I never thought I’d hear from most of them again.
The TV show MODERN FAMILY. So hilarious.
Random Sunday trips to Naperville.
All the new music I’ve been introduced to.
My awesome friends. You guys rock!

It’s now time for the Holiday Wishes Meme. I started doing this in 2006, and I encourage you guys to do it as well.

Step One
– Make a post (public, friendslocked, filtered… whatever you’re comfortable with) to your LJ/blog. The post should contain your list of 10 holiday wishes. The wishes can be anything at all, from simple and fun (”I’d love a Snape/Hermione icon that’s just for me”) to medium (”I wish for _____ on DVD”) to really big (”All I want for Christmas is a new car/computer/house/TV.”) The important thing is, make sure these wishes are things you really, truly want.
– If you wish for real possible things, make sure you include some sort of contact info in your post, whether it’s your address or just your email address where Santa (or one of his elves) could get in touch with you.
– Also, make sure you post some version of these guidelines in your LJ, or link to this post (it’ll be public) so that the holiday joy will spread.

Step Two
– Surf around your friendslist (or friendsfriends, or just random journals) to see who has posted their list. And now here’s the important part:
– If you see a wish you can grant, and it’s in your heart to do so, make someone’s wish come true. Sometimes someone’s trash is another’s treasure, and if you have a leather jacket you don’t want or a gift certificate you won’t use—or even know where you could get someone’s dream purebred Basset Hound for free—do it.
– You needn’t spend money on these wishes unless you want to. The point isn’t to put people out, it’s to provide everyone a chance to be someone else’s holiday elf—to spread the joy. Gifts can be made anonymously or not—it’s your call.

There are no rules with this project, no guarantees, and no strings attached. Just…wish, and it might come true. Give, and you might receive. And you’ll have the joy of knowing you made someone’s holiday special.

With that said, here are my wishes for 2009.

1. A gift card, or for you to make donations to, DonorsChoose focuses on education. Teachers ask for classroom project materials. We donate. The kids learn. Most of these schools are high poverty, and the teachers are already doing all they can. Any amount is welcome.

2. Donations to Paws Chicago, the shelter where we got Helena. It’s a cage-free, no-kill shelter, and they are run completely on donations; they receive no city, state, or federal funding. It’s a great place. A shelter situation is stressful for the animals involved, and every animal I came in contact with there was happy and friendly. They have an extensive screening process to make sure you’re aware of your decision and commitment, and if somehow things don’t work out, the animal always has a home at PAWS.

3. Anything from my Amazon Christmas & Birthday 2009 Wishlist.

4. Anything from my wishlist (number 86409). I know, I’m really reaching with this one, but hey, it’s a wish meme, right? :)

5. Another trip to Disney World. Oh yes. Another pipe dream, but what’s life if you can’t dream?

6. Y’all to buy Electro Bomba!! It’s really good, I promise. Ricky Luna is super talented and his music is off the hook. If you’re unsure, my previous entry has a link for a free download sampler.

7. Gift cards to bookstores, any bookstores. I love bookstores. And books. But you already know that.

8. I also wouldn’t mind gift cards to Target, Aeropostale, Filene’s Basement, Best Buy, or Kohl’s.

9. The Princess and the Frog soundtrack. Thank you, my awesome husband!!!

10. Mickey mouse socks.

And for the things that I’d like your prayers/happy energy for:

A job that I love, that makes me feel accomplished, is reasonable and low-stress, and that pays well. Just putting the energy out there.

My friends and family to be happy and secure.

A mild winter.

Happy Holidays! It’s December now, the season really is here! YAY!

*** If you do this meme for yourself, please make sure you comment with a link to the entry, OK?

(Originally published at Anywhere Is…)

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