I know that in past posts I’ve said that I always feel a bit let down after the December holidays because there is so much going on during that month. Then January comes around and it’s like “OK. Months of freezing cold, grey skies, and looking like a marshmallow guy when I go out b/c of all the layers I have to wear to TRY to stay warm. Blah.” So, last night, I decided to think about things all through the year that come up and are fun to look forward to as well. No worries, I am out of the post-Christmas melancholy phase, but it’s still fun/helpful to think of the upcoming things in 2010.

New episodes of Make It Or Break It
New episodes of Modern Family

New Lisa McMann book (Gone – February 9)
Aidan’s visit!
Valentine’s Day
The Anderson’s Children’s Literature Breakfast

First day of Spring!
New episodes of America’s Next Top Model
New Elizabeth Scott book (The Unwritten Rule – March 16)

Not sure yet

It’ll finally start getting somewhat warm in Chicago
New Susane Colasanti book (Something Like Fate – May 4)

Aidan’ll be here!

July 4th (with Jeff & Deborah)
New Lauren Barnholdt book (One Night That Changes Everything – July 6)
Adam’s birthday

New Mandy Hubbard book (You Wish – August 5)
New Lauren Barnholdt book (Aces Up – August 10)
New HUNGER GAMES book out (as yet untitled – August 24)

Not sure yet

Not sure yet

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in theatres (November 19)
Thanksgiving (with Jeff & Deborah)

My birthday
Aidan’s birthday
New Year’s parties

In between all that is hanging with friends on weekends or weekdays, trips to Naperville to go to Anderson’s Bookshop, new music, more new books, new FarmVille stuff every Tuesday and Thursday, and hopefully some travel. :)

‘Til next time!

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