Aidan’s here!! He got in Thursday afternoon and he’s here until April 5th! YAY!!! :) It’s still not enough time. Never enough time, but it’s awesome having him here regardless.

Aidan Chillaxin'
Here he is, watching an episode of Doctor Who.

Once upon a time, I had convinced myself that five years old was the best age, but honestly, I’m thinking it’s actually seven. Aidan is super cool. He’s interested in all sorts of things like Star Wars and Doctor Who. He’s hilarious and fun to talk to. He’s more adventurous with his eating. Last night, he tried sundried tomato encrusted tilapia and loved it. I don’t know if he’d have even tried it six months ago. Yum!

But the best part is that he’s still very cuddly and still loves to put his hands on my cheeks.

When I was younger, I had crushes on all sorts of celebs. Well, mostly Joe McIntyre and Jon Knight. And of course, Ricky Luna. I wish I had the Internet community to participate in those things like people do now! Man, and MMC forum. That would have been amazing. I mean, we had pen pal circles (and some of those people are still friends of mine) but some of the things I see these days crack me up. Entire forum categories dedicated to pictures of [insert fangirl’s crush here] sitting, or looking up, or wearing t-shirts, or sticking his tongue out. And then the reactions! It’s hilarious! I’d never really gotten into fandoms in that sense before, and I still don’t know if I’m really into any fandom or if I’ve even cracked the surface of what a fandom encompasses. I just know that what I’ve come across on my night owl haunts has been quite entertaining!

I saw Alice in Wonderland last week and I liked it. I LOVE the soundtrack! Just about anything Danny Elfman or Hans Zimmer (I buy soundtracks of his even if I haven’t seen the movie) does will make my ears happy, I’ve discovered, and Danny Elfman did the Alice soundtrack.

Oh YAY! Temperatures are supposed to be in the 70s at the end of the week! Just in time for Easter. Maybe there will even be some flowers up by then. Nah, not counting on that. But YAY 70s!!! AND sunshine! That’ll feel amazing. Must take loads of pictures!

I sure would like to see some buds and some flowers, but they’ll come in good time.

That’s all for now. ‘Til next time! :)

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