I can’t believe it’s already been nearly a month since I’ve last updated! Like seriously, where did June go? And Independence Day has already passed. Slow down a bit, summer! I am not in a hurry for you to go away!

When I last left off, Eli and Melissa were still in town. I snapped this last picture of us before they took off:

Eli, Me, Melissa

There was much hanging out and playing….

A Pause From Playing

Light Saber Time!

Then the next weekend was DucKon! Aidan had a great time. He fit right in, talking Star Wars and watching the Tesla Coils. His favorite thing, though, was the balloon art.

Aidan at DucKon 2010

During DucKon, we stayed at the hotel so Adam could stay as late as he wanted at the Filk. Aidan and I were up pretty late, and thank goodness because the fire alarm went off at around 2am! Aidan was amazingly efficient. He grabbed both of our stuffed toys, his balloon animal and his shoes. I grabbed my purse, the hotel key, and my hoodie. We went outside. Never found out the cause of that alarm. The one that went off at 8am was more scary, because this time we actually saw smoke. (Someone had burnt their breakfast.) Again, Aidan woke up and gathered everything very efficiently and we waited outside for the all-clear.

The days are speeding by in a blur of video games, sunshine, yoga, trips to the library (Aidan read 25 books and earned a tee-shirt), grilled foods, friends, and trips to the playground. On the day of the iPhone 4 release, we three stood in line for six hours to get the new phone. Apple provided us with Smart Water, lemonade, burgers, fries, and frosty desserts. Other companies passed out carrier bags and Red Bull. The people working in the store, though they must have been exhausted, were friendly and good-natured. Aidan was so good that I bought him a toy from The Disney Store. He also got to meet Mr. Reese’s (and get free candy!):

Aidan Meets Mr. Reese's!

Another time, I decided I was having a good hair day and wanted to document it:

Me, July 2010

Helena was looking extra pretty another day:

Pretty Helena

July 4th consisted of food, friends, fireworks, and red, white, and blue Jell-O cake made by Yours Truly. Sure do wish I’d gotten a picture of that cake before we tore into it!

Amy & Me Piggy Back
Chris and Aidan, and Amy and Me

Some new dollies made their way into my home and my heart:

Monster High

I got to meet and hang out with the beautiful Mylin, who is an independent artist based in Los Angeles. She came to Chicago for a visit and spent the afternoon with me yesterday. I’d admired her since she was a teenager, dancing and singing on the All-New Mickey Mouse Club:

Me and Mylin

We also stopped at the Oak Street Beach. Why do I live here and never go to the beach? It’s so pretty!

Oak Street Beach

Adam’s still working for the Census. I’m proofreading for Loyola, hanging out with Aidan, and still playing too many games, although I have cut back a lot of the Facebook games. Now I play more word games which actually do help me think a lot about my writing. Aidan plays a lot of games. He also does a really good impression of the 11th Doctor on Doctor Who. We watch The Eleventh Hour constantly. I think it’s one of my favorite episodes of new Who. (I haven’t watched very much old Who.)

The iPhone 4 is pretty cool. Not sure it if was worth waiting SIX hours for, but I’m glad I have it because my other one was making me mad. Crashing all the time, turning itself on and off whenever it wanted. Blah. Adam restored/unlocked it and sold it for nearly the cost of my new phone, so I essentially upgraded for $40. :)

I think that’s all for now. Life’s good. I am very grateful. ‘Til next time!

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