Month: March 2011

Today is 90% Fired (Multimedia)

Today started off OK. I always fight waking up in the morning; that’s just how I am. But I got up and got dressed and my hair looked all right. I showered Aidan with a billion-ton of kisses, and then I left. It was cold, but whatever. I don’t even expect the weather to approach anything near warmth until June.

Then I got to work. I saw all the work we had to do and immediately went into high-stress mode (and stayed there all day). There was SO MUCH WORK. I was in the office until after 8pm, and I’d been in there that late Friday as well. Knowing that I have to go in this coming Saturday for probably a full day makes me an unhappy camper. Thank the Lord I get time-and-a-half. My check will look nice next week, at least. My body aches with the stress and brain-meltingness of it all, though. I was so busy that I didn’t even think to go to the bathroom until after 3pm. Today was overwhelmingly crazy. Still coming down, actually.

The amount of the day that wasn’t fired was having Aidan an extra night. See, I got his flight departure time WRONG, and got to the airport five minutes before his plane was to take off instead of an hour and five minutes before. Thank goodness Southwest is a reasonable airline. They booked him on a flight tonight and only charged me $15 for the difference in the cost. So, that was a happy accident. He and Adam came for lunch before heading to the airport. I got a bunch of extra kisses and hugs in, and he smelled like brownie batter for some reason.

I miss my little booba. *sigh* It’s too quiet here without him.

Another part of the day that didn’t fail was that I was able to get a shirt from Old Navy that I’d had my eye on ever since I saw someone at work wearing one. It’s so cute, you guys. And the Old Navy I went to had very few left. Check it out:


And here is something that can cheer anyone up:

I am so ready for summer. I am ready to wear all the cute new tops I’ve bought. I’m ready for warm weather and sunshine. I’m ready to stop wearing a billion layers, gloves, hats, scarves. I am ready for light breezes and blue skies. I’m ready to pull out the light clothes and put the heavy stuff away. It’s a shame that it stays cold here for so long. *sigh*

Anyway, that’s all for now. Time for Twilight with RiffTracks. LOLarity will ensure. And I’m pretty sure tomorrow will be much better.

Good night.

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Saturday 9 (2)

Saturday 9

I promise my journal won’t become a collection of memes, but sometimes, they’re just fun! Like this one:

A Long December

1. Looking back at it now, how were your holidays and your time on New Year’s Eve?
My holidays were amazing! Aidan was here, and we also took a whirlwind trip to OH to see family and friends. My mom cried when I gave her a Crosby record player/CD player/tape player/radio combo along with some records. I saw my sister, whom I hadn’t seen in years. There was a Doctor Who marathon on BBC America. The food was delicious and plentiful. It was awesome. I was working a lot of long hours, so Aidan, Adam, and I had started our holidays on my birthday (December 20). We opened our Christmas gifts on the Solstice because we knew we’d be out of town for Christmas Day. I hadn’t even had time to wrap gifts, so I sat the boys down in front of Mr. Magoo’s Christmas Carol and made them watch that while I wrapped all the presents in a frenzy. I’d also JUST gotten hired full time at my job (I’d been a temp, so I’d been saving), so I was able to spoil everyone I loved. We celebrated every night until New Year’s Day, because Aidan’s birthday was the 30th! Good times.

2. Do you have any unusual collections?
I’ll let you be the judge of if my collections are unusual or not. :) I collect American Girl dolls, Disney plushies, purses/handbags, cute socks, cute panties, and Monster High dolls. Some of my old collections include Beanie Babies, stickers, rubber stamps, and apparently I collect coats and jackets and scarves. I have TONS of them. I also find it hard to resist a cute notebook, but I actually use those, so I don’t know if they’re a collection. I still have my Barbie Dolls from when I was young.

3. If you could train a machine to do one thing for you whenever you wanted, what would you have it do?
Lipo without the pain and downtime and cost. I HATE MY POOCHY STOMACH. (And I am so glad that flowy tops are coming back in style for the spring and summer!)

4. What is one thing that makes you cry?
Sending Aidan on a plane to OH. :(

5. What do you love to do on the weekend?
Sleep in. Read, read, read. Cuddle with the kitties.

6. Do you and your family get along?
Yes. The people I actually talk to, anyway.

7. Have you ever gotten kicked out somewhere? If yes, do tell.

8. Who do you normally turn to when you need to complain about something?
My friends Jen and Amy. They let me rant all I want and they don’t try to fix things. They just let me go on and on, even when I’m telling myself to get over it already but just can’t. It’s nice to have people to vent to unconditionally, and they vent to me as well.

9. What is the last thing you ordered on-line?
Socks from Free People. They had free shipping. :)


Friday Fill-Ins (2)

Friday Fill-Ins

And…here we go!

1. Why does it take so long for Chicago weather to realize it’s Spring?

2. The honey badger is equal to straight up bad-assery.

3. My favorite breakfast includes fruit, bacon, scrambled eggs, grits with applesauce and sugar, and a croissant.

4. Shopaholic & Baby was the last book I read by Sophie Kinsella.

5. I am SO glad the days are getting longer and that winter is winding down.

6. A cupcake from Molly’s would make me feel better right now.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to relaxing, tomorrow my plans include more relaxing and possibly taking Aidan to get a new bike, and Sunday, I want to relax some more, but I have to take Aidan to the airport. :(

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