Actually, the weather was AWESOME today! It is currently 72F outside. That rules. Of course, this isn’t sticking around or anything, but it looks like it’s going to not drop below 50 (except at night) for the rest of the week. Could Spring ACTUALLY be coming? Maybe the trees will actually start budding sometime soon. Last year I took pictures of tree blossoms on April 13th. So, ten days. My eyes are aching to see flowers that aren’t in a vase or a floral shop. And I can’t wait for the lilacs to blossom and smell up the neighborhood. I’ve still got about a month and a half before those guys come along, though.

I had a busy weekend. Worked for 9.5 hours yesterday, came home, did 30 minutes on the bike, and ordered sushi for dinner. I’m afraid I crave nigiri sushi way too often. It’s expensive. But it’s so good. I always eat eight pieces, and I always get the same pieces: ebi, maguru, saki, and nama saki. Every once in a while I’ll try to throw in something I hadn’t had before, but most of the time, I just want the tried and true. It’s so good, and with a sushi restaurant right around the corner, it’s hard to say no. Especially after working a long Saturday.

Today, I actually cleaned my closet and the laundry baskets, went to yoga (for the first time in months–and boy did it feel amazing!), and proceeded to spend the rest of the day being lazy. Reading, watching Adam play Donkey Kong Country Returns, and trying to take it easy. We’re in for a rough couple of weeks at work, and I’m trying to get as prepared as I can. I know that tomorrow is going to be long, and possibly Tuesday, and Wednesday or Thursday for sure. And of course, Friday always sucks. But I am not going in this Saturday. Nope. I have a dental appointment.

Hmm, maybe work would be more enjoyable.

I’ve really got to start taking back some parts of my life. Like yoga, for instance. I think it’ll be easier once the weather breaks for good. Cause in the winter, once I’m home, the last thing I want to do is go back out in the cold to get to class. Also, I’ve just activated my Groupon, so I have four more classes I have to take. And I am so glad I went today, because they cleaned out the mats and if I’d have waited too long, mine could have been donated. See, it wasn’t the mat so much that I was worried about. It was the $70 Yogitoes towel rolled up with it I’d have been upset about losing. But it’s home with me now, so it’s all good. At any rate, my body missed yoga. So did my spirit. I need it and I can’t let life get in the way of it again.


Oh well. Time for bed. The weekend goes even faster when half of it has been taken away.

Good night.

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