So, at the ripe age of 36 (good God, REALLY?), I’ve finally decided what I want to be when I grow up.


I want to be a happy wealthy hippy, traveling the world, doing yoga, and living off my art (writing and editing, preferably novels and/or K–12 educational materials). Basically, I want to make a lot of money, but I want enough time to enjoy it without being stressed and unhappy on top of it. I want to find that life’s work that doesn’t feel like work because I love it so much. Actually, I’ve found it. I just need it to be WAY more lucrative to support my other dreams as well.

I want to be able to spend a ton of time and money on the people (and animals) I love the most. And to also give to the causes I believe in, and those that need desperate help. I want to fill my home with incense and music and positive, loving energy. I want to throw get-togethers that are legendary and warm and that make people happy.

I want to live in a brick house with a porch and dormer windows. I want the house to look like this:


The house has to have enough room to house all my books and collections. There should be space for at least three cats, an aquarium, and maybe a reptile or two (plus me, Adam, Aidan, and up to two guests). I want soft, squashy furniture for relaxing and napping, hardwood floors with shaggy rugs strewn about, bookcases everywhere, walk-in-closets, a soaking tub, lots of storage. Not too far in the middle of nowhere, but not necessarily in the heart of a city either. I want a yard with at least one mature tree living in. Flowers would be OK, as long as they’re perennials that pretty much raise themselves. I suck at gardening, but I love when flowers are growing. Room for a dog if I ever settle down from traveling.

I want to visit places and friends all over the world. Ireland, England, Scotland to start with. Then I’ll get more adventurous. France. Italy. Australia and/or New Zealand. Japan. India. Oh God yes, India.

I want to decorate my home with dolls, books, action figures, sculptures of Ganesha and Shiva and other Eastern Asian art. Also Disney. All things Mickey Mouse. Some of the original Disney artwork they have for sell at the Parks. I’d love a retro kitchen like that 1940s one in the Carousel of Progress at Disney World. Look how COOL this is:

Carousel of Progress 1940's


Now, before you fall over with laughter, please realize that this post is my dreams. And they’ll stay dreams if I keep them in my head. I might as well put them in the universe, and let the fates do with these dreams as they will.

I mean, I already have the look, don’t I?


In the meantime, I’m going to work on creating and maintaining my happiness in the here and now, and also making more memories. I need to make more memories before winter comes and buries me again.

More soon. xo

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