Oh look! It’s a new meme! :) Not sure how often I’ll keep up with this one, but this particular week looks fun.

Monday Mayhem: The Crummy Weather Meme

1. What city, in your opinion, has the crummiest weather?
Chicago is pretty up there, although the past few days have been absolutely lovely.

2. What kind of weather is the crummiest weather that your current home experiences?
WINTER SUCKS HERE. It starts in October or early November and lasts through May. It’s long and cold and grey and depressing. And sometimes we get a blizzard or snow and ice and bitter, bitter cold. We don’t get much Spring here. It stays in the 30s, 40s, or 50s (if we’re lucky) until mid June, then it gets really warm then hot at the end of June. It’s hot through July, hot/warm in August, but then it starts getting cool at the end of August. September is usually OK, but by the end, it’s already getting into jacket weather. Winter coats should be taken out in October because the snow could start flying at any time. True summer weather here lasts about eight weeks if we’re lucky. So OK, I elaborated a lot more than the question asked, but there you go.

3. When the weather alerts and alarms go off, what do you do?

4. What is the crummiest weather event that you have personally ever experienced?
Any blizzard, ice storm, or severe/tornadic weather.

5. Where would you rather be stuck for a month: somewhere where there is 20 inches of snow and below freezing temps or somewhere where it is painfully hot and humid?
Give me the heat and humidity any day. As long as I have plenty of drinking water and some shade, I’m good.

6. What kind of weather keeps you indoors?
It’s not even weather that keeps me indoors. It’s just the fact that I’m a homebody. BUT, temps below 40 are a good way to keep me from going anywhere. If it’s cold and snowing out, or rainy and stormy, and I don’t have to be anywhere, then I’m not going anywhere.

7. Tell us the name of one famous person and the kind of weather you would wish upon them.
I wish awesome weather on all the Doctor Who actors. I’ve seen the Confidentials. They’re always wearing HUGE coats in between takes. Must be bloody miserable and cold.

8. If you were the official ruler of all weather, what kind of weather would you make happen?
It would only rain at night. No storms, ever. No snow ever. Temps would never go below 70F. Blue skies, sunshine, light breeze. Average temp would be about 84F in the day, and 71F at night.

9. What kinds of weather do you dread?
Cold, snow, ice, sleet, storms.

10. What’s your weather like today?
Today was beautiful. High 70s. Blue skies. Sun. :) Happy Ronni Weather.

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