I stumbled across this one here. I was blog hopping and I liked the name of her blog (seriously, Petite Insanities, how cute is that?), and I started scrolling and came across this neat thing. Seven questions. Seven answers to each question. I thought I’d take a stab at it even though I kinda suck at the memes that have a specific number of slots I have to fill out. I hardly ever fill them out without a lot of thought, and most of the time, I don’t want to *think* too hard when I am doing a meme (I mean, I might as well write a “real” entry, right?). But whatever. I’ll try it anyway. Because it’s almost 3am and for some reason, I’m just not into going to bed right now.

So, here goes.

7 Places I Would Like To Visit
. London, England UK
. Ireland
. Scotland
. India
. the Tropics
. Disneyland Paris
. Disneyland TokyoSea

7 Things I Would Like To Make
. lots and lots and lots of money
. scrapbooks (I’m way behind)
. the New York Times bestseller’s list
. a warm, happy home
. large donations to every single charity and organization that touches my heart and shares my values
. a really creative and functional paper journal
. at least three or four hair falls

7 People I Would Like To Meet (Dead or Alive)
. JK Rowling
. Aaron Lohr
. Adam Brody
. Michael Jackson
. Drew Barrymore
. David Tennant
. Matt Smith

7 Things I Would Like To Own
. my dream house
. a treadmill
. an Oxford dictionary
. an iPad
. the Kanani American Girl doll
. the black doll that Ellowyne Wilde is going to release this fall
. really nice furniture

7 Things That Annoy Me
. footsteps
. slow people
. rude people
. traffic
. slow internet
. being interrupted
. being taken for granted

7 Films I Love
. Stick It
. Clueless
. Girls Just Want To Have Fun
. Firestarter
. Mean Girls
. Juno
. Saved

7 Funny Words
. banana
. what
. poop
. pish posh
. raspberry
. squish
. butt

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