Here’s what I did!

I washed my hair, so all of my curls came back. And THEY CAME BACK WITH A VENGEANCE. My curls haven’t been this tight in ages.

Short, Short Curls

My hair was like this just a few days before:

Straight Hair Again

Then Jen met me at the yoga studio, where I was picking up some work-study stuff to work on. We took a class together. It was supposed to be Rich’s class (he’s one of my favorite teachers) but Rich was out and Mia was teaching, which was an awesome surprise. :) After yoga, we came to my place and watched New Moon with RiffTrax. It was a fun day.

Adam and I got up and headed up north to the tippy top of the state to Richardson Adventure Farm (home of the world’s largest corn maze) for our friends Paul & Krista’s wedding. As guests of their wedding, we had all-day passes to the corn maze. It was a lot of fun. The bride looked GORGEOUS. AND… they got a picture of her on the zip line in her wedding dress which I cannot wait to see.

Adventures at Richardson Adventure Farm
What I love about this picture is that my original was far away. I cropped it and only then did I notice that she had tears running down her cheeks.

After the wedding and dinner, we headed over to the actual farm. There were animals:

Adventures at Richardson Adventure Farm Adventures at Richardson Adventure Farm

A pig race:

Adventures at Richardson Adventure Farm

A Pillow Jump:

Adventures at Richardson Adventure Farm Adventures at Richardson Adventure Farm

And of course, the corn maze itself.

Adventures at Richardson Adventure Farm

This maze is huge and it goes in stages. To do the ENTIRE maze would have taken hours. Adam and I did the one-mile maze. It was pretty cool. I hadn’t been in a corn maze since 2004.

After we left the festivities, we headed home. Naturally, we took some wrong turns. So we decided, since we were in the area, to drive across the border just so I’d say I’d been to Wisconsin. So we did. Then we made our way home.

I did some work for Moksha, then I spend the rest of the day playing games, working on my website, reading, and cuddling with the cats. At one point, all three of them were sitting on the couch with me. It was pretty awesome.

And that was my weekend in a nutshell. How was your weekend?

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