YAY Leaves! Well, there’s no more denying it. Even though the official Equinox isn’t for a week, autumn has definitely settled in the Chicago area. The temperatures are way cooler, and even the days where the temperature is in the 70s, there is still that certain “bite” in the air.

I suppose it’s time to drag out my bin and pack away the tank tops and shorts, and pull out the sweaters and cords and knee highs and tights. The pea coats and jackets and boots can be moved to the front of the closet. It won’t be tank top weather for a long time.

Fall makes me want to shop. I have to be more careful with my money these days, but I can always use sweaters. It’s hard to find nice, basic sweaters these days. They’re all flowy and drapey. And as I mentioned in my last entry, most of mine are dark. Greys and blacks. I need some brighter colors, don’t you think?

I love fall as long as I don’t remember that there is a bitterly cold winter following it. It’s Adam’s favorite season, especially with all the pumpkin treats to eat. Adam really loves pumpkin, and he looks forward to enjoying a gallon of Edy’s pumpkin-flavored ice cream every October. I don’t like pumpkin, but I do like fall colors. And I like the gorgeous blue sky. I also like how pretty the leaves look on the trees. I hope to take a LOT of seasonal pictures this year. I hadn’t had much time during my other Chicago autumns.

Check out this adorable fall bucket list:


From this list, I plan on doing these things this fall:

Take a nature walk. I’m FINALLY going to Morton’s Arboretum. I’ve been wanting to go for years. I’m going to go later in the season, when the leaves have changed colors. (I also plan to go in the spring, when all the trees are blossoming.)
– Instead of the fancy coffee drinks, I’m going to drink hot cider! :) Yum!
– I’ve already done the corn maze.
– I’m going to try to bake a pie. I probably won’t be cutting apples or anything, and the crust won’t be homemade, but dang it, I will make a pie. I haven’t made a pie in years. Mmm, pie.
– I don’t know what counts as fall cookies, but I will be baking some chocolate chip ones. And seeing as I am not domestic in the slightest, they will be made by our friends Pillsbury.

I guess I like fall a lot more than I thought. I know it used to be my favorite season once upon a time. But the past few years, it’s just been a stress ball. I’m excited to go back to enjoying it again. There is holiday planning, another taping of The Rosie Show, and hearty Crock-Pot meals. Not to mention new TV shows to check out, a new cycle of America’s Next Top Model, and Halloween candy to eat. And then there’s Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving will be awesome. Mmmm, turkey and gravy. Peach pie. Mac & cheese (made by me). Good times. :)

What are your plans for the fall?

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