Stressed? As far as I’m concerned, a migraine is one of the more pointless headaches one could get. At least with a tension headache, stress or something has caused it and there are things you can do to make it go away. Not the case with a migraine, at least, not for me.

I have all this cool stuff to blog about, but all I can concentrate on is how much my head hurts. Sometimes when I get a migraine, the light sensitivity is too much and I have to turn off every light and simply lie still. Right now, it’s progressed to the sort of headache that lying down in complete darkness doesn’t help (now I get to be in pain in the dark!), so I figured I might as well blog (with the screen brightness turned way down) while I wait for it to go away.

Medicine doesn’t help when it gets to this stage. I have Vicodin, but all that will do is make me loopy and nauseated. I took one Excedrin Migraine–usually that’s enough to take the edge off–but not tonight. If I take another, then hello nausea. Plus, Excedrin Migraine has the added benefit of caffeine. So tonight I get to lie AWAKE and be in pain. Great. Awake with my mind racing with all the stuff I need and want to do, but knowing that the best thing for me to do is to get back off the computer (don’t worry, I’m going to, I promise!) and lie back down in the dark. Maybe take another Excedrin Migraine and deal with the nausea. At this point, it doesn’t matter. Either way I’ll feel icky.

To add insult to injury, I think I’ve caught Adam’s cold. My throat feels pretty scratchy and my nose is awfully runny. Boo.

In spite of how crappy I feel right now, the last two days have been really super, and I will blog about them once this headache lets up. It has to soon. It’s been here on and off since Wednesday.

‘Til next time….

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