I love discovering new music, but I don’t talk a whole lot about what I listen to other than the little last.fm chart in my sidebar. I don’t listen to a whole lot of rap. Now, I enjoy hip-hop, but I don’t listen to rap much. I listen to more hip-hop/rap. Yes, there is a difference!

The other day, a friend of mine introduced me to the track Otis by way of YouTube. I loved the video and the track. Couldn’t stop watching it. Grown men jacking up a Maybach so that freaking FIRE shoots out of the back of it? Yes, please. OK, it’s a disgusting flaunting of wealth, but they’re having fun and not hurting anybody, so I’m not mad at ’em. Experience it for yourself:

I decided that I needed to own that track. I ended up getting the entire album and I regret nothing. I love Who Gon Stop Me, Ni**as in Paris, No Church in the Wild, and Made in America the best. The only song I hate is The Joy.

I’ve always respected Jay-Z as an artist, but my feelings on Kanye were lukewarm. I like their collaboration, though, enough that the album’s been on repeat for the past three and a half hours.

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