A few weeks ago, Jill at Jill Made It informed me that I won a giveaway for My Memories scrapbooking software.

Now, I love to scrapbook, but I get flustered when I do it. The scissors like to run away, the adhesive gets hidden under paper, brads and eyelets roll off the table and onto the floor, and I spend so much time looking for stuff that I lose all motivation to finish my page! So, this digital scrapbooking thing? Worth giving a shot.

This software is really cool. It’s pretty easy to figure out, and it has a ton of stuff to offer. Lots of options for decorating your pages. You can use the pre-made layouts, download packs from the My Memories site (they even have free ones), or make your own. There are paper packs, embellishments, text tools–the possibilities are endless!

Check out this simple page I threw together:

Not my most fancy or creative, but still, pretty cool, huh? I’m excited to explore this software’s potential. Who knows what I might come up with! :)

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