I was poking around on one of my external hard drives and I came across some really cute old photos of Aidan. I am amazed at how much he’s grown. He’s going to be nine in a couple of months. NINE. I still remember so much from my pregnancy with him.

Here are some photos from his first year. Enjoy! :)

Aidan's 1st Nursery
This was Aidan’s first nursery. It was done in a light green and the theme was “My Little Snoopy.” At some point, I believe the walls were painted blue and the crib was moved to the other side of the room. But don’t quote me on that.

Newborn Aidan
This was the first day of his life. I don’t remember much of that day. I’d had an emergency c-section so I was pretty out of it. Apparently, HE wasn’t.

Me with a Brand New Aidan!
This is the day after Aidan was born. I’m a lot more awake here. In fact, I was so awake that I was up demanding bacon and eggs for breakfast. My doctor let me have it, too.

Newborn Aidan
Obligatory “official newborn” hospital shot. My mom says mine is almost exactly the same, except my head is turned the other way.

Little Cutie
I think he looks so adorable here. :)

Baby Aidan!!
Bahaha, he looks so snotty here.

Like, Whoa. Dude.
“Like. Dude.”

Three Months
Three months.

My Little Handsome
Handsome Little Guy

Aidan at Six Months
Six months.

Knocked Out
Poor baby crashed BEFORE we left the house for the Ohio State Fair.

He was FURIOUS about something here.

Aidan's Curls
Pretty, perfect curls.

Autumn Baby
Autumn baby.

Happy Halloween!
Aidan’s first Halloween. Cutest little jack-o-lantern ever, say what!

In The Snow

Aidan and Santa
He HATED Santa!!!

Aidan's First Birthday
For his first birthday, I took him to a toy store and let him pick out whatever he wanted.
This is what he picked out.

Aidan Turns One!
One year! YAY!

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