I’m afraid I’ve not been taking very good care of myself, or much else, lately. It’s been weeks since I’ve been to yoga, and I haven’t been eating healthfully. Or at good times. I mean, sausage and eggs at midnight? Probably not my best choice. And you’d think I’d learn that eating a bag of Snyder of Berlin Honey BBQ chips for dinner is only going to make me feel sick, but nope. Apparently not, seeing as I did it again tonight.

I’ve been feeling tired, lazy, and sluggish and I know it’s because I’ve been eating junk food almost exclusively for the past week or so. I am the laziest cook ever, and with Adam doing ghost tours almost every night these days, I just don’t have the imagination or motivation to cook myself a decent meal. (He usually does the cooking.)

I mean, this is ridiculous. My huge deadlines have been handled, so I don’t have much else do to. I know better. I need to DO damn better. So, starting TOMORROW, this is what I need to do.

_ Clean the bedroom. My clothes are every-freaking-where. I’m back to knocking stuff down on the dresser, which means I need to rearrange bottles again. I’ve got to organize my clothing, put the summer stuff away and bring out the fall/winter stuff. And I need to make it neat. I did laundry at my mom’s a MONTH AGO and the clothes are still in the laundry baskets. Not good.

_ Clean the bathroom. That means rotating product, getting rid of the stuff that’s used up, and putting the newer stuff out. Cleaning the bottles that are in there but have gotten icky. All the usual bathroom cleaning duties. Although, to be fair, I just recently scrubbed the sink and Adam cleaned the toilet, so that’s not looking all THAT daunting. Still. Must clean bathroom.

_ Clean the living room. ‘Nuff said.

_ Unbox my numerous boxed dolls and figure out where to display them. I will need to rotate a couple of my American Girl dolls, dress them in fall/winter clothing and put their summer clothing away as well. And of course, my Disney Designer Princess dolls MUST be unboxed. Now they’re displayed in their clear cases. (Tiana arrived on Friday!)

_ Thorough litter box wash out. This means dumping the litter that’s in them, washing them out, and putting in all new, clean litter. I’ll need to take a trip to Target to procure more litter for that, though.

_ Hit yoga class again. I REALLY need to go back. I was starting to see results from taking so many classes, but two weeks of slacking and dining on junk food will undo that so fast heads will roll. I mean, what’s the use of having unlimited classes if I don’t take them????

_ Failing yoga class, I have yoga DVDs, and an exercise bike. There’s no reason for me not to get in a workout at least three times once a week.

_ MY HAIR. Lord baby Jesus in heaven, I need to do something with this hair. IT IS STANDING STRAIGHT UP ON MY HEAD. Stop laughing, it’s not funny. OK, it kinda is.

I also need to start cooking again. It’s just that I’ve forgotten almost all my skills (although I still rock a dang good scrambled egg, even Adam said so), and even the simplest recipes make me go “Oh God, really? That much work? But I don’t wanna pre-heat the oven….”

Yea. This can’t go on. It just can’t. The place is starting to fall apart, poor Adam’s exhausted and looks kinda hurt and puzzled when I don’t have a hot meal waiting for him, and there are loads of neat recipes I’ve been saving into Evernote to try, so I need to get on that, mmmkay?

Also, if I make recipes, I can post them on here!

One thing that’s been great is this cute free app I downloaded for my Mac called iProcrastinate. You put in the stuff you need to do, a due date, priorities, etc. When something comes up, this annoying little red circle with a number (which corresponds to how many things are due that day) just sits there and STARES at you until you handle your business. I just put the to do list from up there ^^ into iProcrastinate.

So yeah. I’ll get a good night’s sleep. Possibly eat sausage and eggs in the morning like normal people. And then GET STUFF DONE. I’m on it. Word.

I think I’ll start feeling much better in no time.

P.S. I just thought I’d mention that I HATE the sound of the cats licking themselves. So why do they always wait until I’m around to groom? YICK.

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