I know it’s a little bit early. But honestly? I freaking LOVE Christmas. It’s my absolute favorite holiday. I kind of wish it came later in the winter, though, so that the rest of winter didn’t suck so sucktastically once the awesomeness of the holiday season is over. But I will work with what’s been given.

Several weeks ago, Katie @ Loves of Life made the cutest fall bucket list. I was totally inspired by her but completely clueless as to how one would go about making such a thing. My Photoshop skills are limited to enhancing photos and using actions if I’m feeling patient enough to deal with them (I never am). I used to make graphics from scratch using Paint Shop Pro back in the day, but now that I’m a Mac user, that option is now dead to me. But then I won the My Memories digital scrapbooking software and thought “Hmm, maybe I can create something cool with this.”

And I did! Well, at least I think so. So, thanks to Katie’s inspiration, and Jill for hosting the giveaway, I came up with this!

Do you like it? I’m kinda proud of it. That MyMemories software is fantastic. Who knows what else I might come up with!

If you’d like a printable of this, then click here! :) It’s totally yours. Also, please feel free to share this on your site, Pinterest, whatever. All I ask is that you link back to this post (http://anywhere-is.net/2011/10/25/christmas-bucket-list-free-download) so other people can get it too.

And I suppose it’s not that early. Christmas is only two months away. Eeeek!


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