Photo Booth Fun! Today was kind of a poopy day. I woke up in an OK mood, but then the people on the radio stopped talking about funny stuff and started playing their procession of really stupid songs.

I used to LOVE pop music. It was fun to dance to, easy to sing along with, and just generally bouncy happy fun for my ears. Now, it’s all these alarms blaring and people talking about what they’re going to do to someone that night and people getting drunk and having kinky sex on a Friday night and well… people can do what they want, I just don’t want to hear about it first thing in the morning. Or ever. And that stupid song about some chick wanting someone to take control and that screechy alarm noise GETS STUCK IN MY HEAD ALL DAY and nothing I do, not even HOURS of listening to other songs, takes it away. So, I think that I might be done with B96 in the mornings because they play that song to death and it really offends my ears.

I used to listen to Tom Joyner, but they took him off the air and replaced him with Steve Harvey. I haven’t bothered to see if they’ve rectified that yet. I also used to listen to another station that was just shenanigans in the morning. I LOVE radio station shenanigans. But then they replaced the one DJ I liked, got rid of another, and the new guy just sucks and all he does is say teasers instead of getting to the shenanigans. So there was that. Oldies don’t wake me up, talk radio is OK, but once it gets good, I have to leave. So, I don’t know. I miss 97.9 WNCI in Columbus.

So anyway, that song put me in a FOUL mood. Then Adam came home and was pacing, and I rarely snap at him about it, but this morning, I was just like “Adam, sit down.” We headed out so he could take me to work (I’m temping at an educational publishers for a few days–LOVING it, by the way), and I didn’t like the music he was playing. He asked if I wanted to put on the radio and well, I’d been burned by THEM already so I was like “No, they’re playing crap.” Then he was like “Are you OK?”

I told him I was cranky. So he bought breakfast at McDonald’s and they gave us an extra hash brown! Then I got to work. The licorice scent of the building calmed me instantly, and my work day was pleasant enough. I get paid to sit and learn World History, basically, and let me tell you, it was NOT this interesting when I was in 9th grade.

Heard from more than one person that they heard my husband on NPR this morning because he is JUST THAT AWESOME. That was cool. Then I found out that I’d screwed up some stuff in the lastest monthly newsletter that went out from the yoga studio–most unhappy about that. It was stuff that we’d never think to check because it never screws up, but this time, something funky happened all around and well, just crap, really.

Coming home was OK. Traffic, but not unbearable. I was exhausted, but whatever. McDonald’s for dinner because well, it was that sort of day. Free cookies–they were giving them out for Halloween. Came home, ate dinner, went to the corner grocer and paid way too much for two Whatchamacallit bars, but I really don’t care. Found out Crookshanks had not only pooped on the floor (again) but he’d also peed on the bed. Guess whose side?

Adam took care of the laundry and everything, then HE was off to work. I went to work on my website. Messed with code and made it all pretty. Then BAM. Suddenly, it was NOT working at all. You don’t even want to know what it was doing. I tried deleting and re-adding the theme. I tried a new theme. An old theme. Most of them were causing the same problem. I finally figured it out, and I am breathing a big sigh of relief.

One of these days I’m going to try to make a custom theme again. I used to do it all the time. I just have no idea how to code it for Word Press…but you know, that’s what Google’s for.

Now, Crookshanks is wailing. Just want I need to hear to rock me right to sleep right? Sike. It’s going to be all about the White Noise app tonight. Now if I can just get that STUPID SONG out of my head.

Night, y’all.

After I have something to eat first, though.

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