Month: October 2011

Saturday 9 (5)

Saturday 9: The Last DJ

1. Who was your favorite DJ and what radio station did you listen to as a kid?
I don’t remember many of the DJs from when I was a kid, but my parents listened to 108FM, WDMT, and so that’s what I listened to. When I got older and my tastes started changing, I listened to Lynn Toliver on 93FM WZAK, then I started listening to 92FM, can’t remember the call letters. Then, I loved the Open House Party with John Garabedian WHICH APPARENTLY STILL EXISTS! He always had some awesome New Kids on the Block thing going on. And I was am a huge NKOTB fan.

2. What has been the weirdest thing you have worn in public?
My fairy wings. But that was to a convention, so maybe it wasn’t so weird after all.

3. What was the best part of last weekend?
Me & My Friend :)
Hugging my friend Amy aka Claudia Gray

4. What was the most effective punishment for you as a kid?
a. Getting a whippin’.
b. Getting my favorite things taken away, like having my Michael Jackson posters taken down or no stereo.

5. Would you lie to your significant other to not hurt their feelings?

6. We’re taking your order for breakfast. What would you like?
… and some bacon.

7. Do you celebrate Halloween? If yes, do tell. If no, why not?
Sure. I don’t go all out anymore. Kids don’t come by my place and the past few years I’ve had to work pretty late on Halloween. But I like to partake in candy. And I like to see decorations and costumes.

8. Do you hand out candy to the neighborhood kids?
I used to when I lived in a neighborhood that was conducive to such things.

9. What’s the favorite age you’ve been, so far?
Hmmm. That’s a hard one! I can’t say that I have a favorite, to be honest. Each one had its ups and downs.


A Trip Down Memory Lane (Pictures)

I was poking around on one of my external hard drives and I came across some really cute old photos of Aidan. I am amazed at how much he’s grown. He’s going to be nine in a couple of months. NINE. I still remember so much from my pregnancy with him.

Here are some photos from his first year. Enjoy! :)

Aidan's 1st Nursery
This was Aidan’s first nursery. It was done in a light green and the theme was “My Little Snoopy.” At some point, I believe the walls were painted blue and the crib was moved to the other side of the room. But don’t quote me on that.

Newborn Aidan
This was the first day of his life. I don’t remember much of that day. I’d had an emergency c-section so I was pretty out of it. Apparently, HE wasn’t.

Me with a Brand New Aidan!
This is the day after Aidan was born. I’m a lot more awake here. In fact, I was so awake that I was up demanding bacon and eggs for breakfast. My doctor let me have it, too.

Newborn Aidan
Obligatory “official newborn” hospital shot. My mom says mine is almost exactly the same, except my head is turned the other way.

Little Cutie
I think he looks so adorable here. :)

Baby Aidan!!
Bahaha, he looks so snotty here.

Like, Whoa. Dude.
“Like. Dude.”

Three Months
Three months.

My Little Handsome
Handsome Little Guy

Aidan at Six Months
Six months.

Knocked Out
Poor baby crashed BEFORE we left the house for the Ohio State Fair.

He was FURIOUS about something here.

Aidan's Curls
Pretty, perfect curls.

Autumn Baby
Autumn baby.

Happy Halloween!
Aidan’s first Halloween. Cutest little jack-o-lantern ever, say what!

In The Snow

Aidan and Santa
He HATED Santa!!!

Aidan's First Birthday
For his first birthday, I took him to a toy store and let him pick out whatever he wanted.
This is what he picked out.

Aidan Turns One!
One year! YAY!


Busy Bee (Pictures)

So, I’ve been pretty busy the past few days. In addition to two really big deadlines (that I made because I AM AWESOME), there were two very limited edition dolls I had to procure. And there was social stuff, some cleaning involved. I’m ready to be done for a while! Just a little while, though. Gotta make that $$!

I never thought that working from home would make me more busy than working full time AND working from home. But it’s OK. I love it this way. My commute is awesome, and sometimes, my “cube mate” is this:

Little Lena
Little Helena

Plus, I get to do the work I love.

Last Wednesday, Adam and I headed out to The Morton Arboretum to look at the trees. I was shocked to see that a lot of them had not peaked yet, but there was still plenty of brilliant color.

Autumn in The Morton Arboretum Autumn in The Morton Arboretum
Autumn in The Morton Arboretum Autumn in The Morton Arboretum
Autumn in The Morton Arboretum Autumn in The Morton Arboretum

Sunday, we headed out to Naperville to see the Dark Days of Autumn author tour, but mainly because Claudia Gray was there, who we hadn’t seen since July, when she packed up and moved to New Orleans. *sad*

It was SO FUN to see her and hang out again! (Ignore my hair in these pix. It was a TERRIBLE hair day.)

Claudia Gray & Kierstin White Me & My Friend :)

What was really funny is that I was talking with some really young girls in the store as the event was winding down. They were 12. To be honest, preteens tend to scare me, and I’m not sure why. But these girls were super sweet. I’ll talk to teens all day every day but preteens? Not so much. It’s weird. Anyway, Claudia came over to hug me again and to make arrangements for hanging out after the event was over. The girls freaked out. “OH MY GOD. YOU KNOW HER? YOU’RE FRIENDS WITH A REALLY, REALLY, REALLY FAMOUS AUTHOR!” Claudia goes “I’d take off a couple of those ‘reallys’.” Ha.

I bought her new book FATEFUL (werewolves on the Titanic! HELLO!) and because Kiersten White was so adorable and funny, I bought her book PARANORMALCY because well, it sounded awesome. I’m reading that one now. I really need to stop reading that one and read the remaining four library books I have before Monday. But I’ll do that once I take care of my remaining deadlines tomorrow (why do I get the feeling something more is going to come up, though?). I’ll go on a BOOK READING BINGE. OR I’ll just try to renew the books I have to buy me some more time. In fact, I should do that now…..

Monday morning, I got up SUPER EARLY because I wanted one or more Disney Designer Princess dolls. There are ten dolls total. The first three dolls sold with no fanfare. They were being released once per week in the stores and online. Only a few people knew or cared about them, apparently. Some of them were in the stores for weeks before selling out. I hadn’t found out about them several weeks ago, when I ventured into The Disney Store and saw the display and went HOLY MOTHER OF GOD THESE DOLLS ARE AMAZING I MUST HAVE ONE. Then suddenly, it went to a fever pitch! The dolls were selling out within hours and showing up on eBay just a few hours later at nearly 7x their retail price. And unfortunately, the ones I wanted? Tiana and Jasmine? They hadn’t been released yet, so although I had a chance to get them, I knew I’d have to fight for them. The dolls are very limited edition, and the eBay dealers are being jerkwads about it by snatching up all they can and then jacking up the prices. Suck. So, Disney decided to put the remaining five on sale AT THE SAME TIME. Which meant, if I had any chance in hell of getting one, it was going to be about early morning rising and standing in line.

I got to the Disney Store at Block 37 at 7am. There were already more than 20 people ahead of me. Turned out the most of any doll they had was 20. They passed out cards at 9am. Guess who lost out? BUT. My darling, darling awesome husband was standing in the cold at the Michigan Ave. store. For an hour and a half, he froze, and when they go to him, well Tiana was sold out but there were still Jasmine dolls left. He got the card, and I squealed and ran out of the mall and caught the first bus to North Michigan Ave. I joined him in line, got the card, and told him to go somewhere and warm up. By now it was about 9:20. Forty minutes til the store opened. I didn’t get my doll til nearly 11am because they were letting people in one by one or two by two or something like that, to pick up the dolls and pay for them. Fortunately, I was standing near some really nice people, and talking to them (although they were so obviously frozen) helped. It was cold!

But I got my Jasmine.

Princess Jasmine

She’s still in her case–it’s so pretty, plus I need to clean the hell out of this apartment first before I even think of displaying her. (The cleaning is supposed to take place this weekend.)

This morning, I had to get up to try for Tiana. Because honestly, I couldn’t NOT try. She’s my favorite princess! The site came up at 11 CST, and I got in, managed to get TWO Tianas in my cart somehow. Took ages to get one of them out (they were only allowing one type of princess per person–I didn’t want to screw ANYTHING up). But then I couldn’t go any further. Checkout button was like NOPE. THANK YOU! The site was a mess. It kept crashing and freezing and doing all sorts of bad things. But AGAIN, my awesome husband came through. He was on his computer and HE MANAGED TO GET THE ORDER TO GO THROUGH. I got a confirmation email and everything. Tiana didn’t sell out on the Web site until at least an hour after Adam placed my order, so I’m hoping and praying I don’t get an “order cancelled” notice. I am eager for Tiana to arrive. I feel extremely lucky in so many ways and I will love these dolls forever.

I bought Adam brunch for standing in line, but it seems I owe him again!

I’ve been neglecting my yoga. :( I won’t be going tomorrow either. Stuff to do, stuff to do. But Thursday I should be able to go back. YAY.

And that’s all for now. Til next time….


I Made an Art. Sorta.

A few weeks ago, Jill at Jill Made It informed me that I won a giveaway for My Memories scrapbooking software.

Now, I love to scrapbook, but I get flustered when I do it. The scissors like to run away, the adhesive gets hidden under paper, brads and eyelets roll off the table and onto the floor, and I spend so much time looking for stuff that I lose all motivation to finish my page! So, this digital scrapbooking thing? Worth giving a shot.

This software is really cool. It’s pretty easy to figure out, and it has a ton of stuff to offer. Lots of options for decorating your pages. You can use the pre-made layouts, download packs from the My Memories site (they even have free ones), or make your own. There are paper packs, embellishments, text tools–the possibilities are endless!

Check out this simple page I threw together:

Not my most fancy or creative, but still, pretty cool, huh? I’m excited to explore this software’s potential. Who knows what I might come up with! :)


You Are Now Watching the Throne

I love discovering new music, but I don’t talk a whole lot about what I listen to other than the little chart in my sidebar. I don’t listen to a whole lot of rap. Now, I enjoy hip-hop, but I don’t listen to rap much. I listen to more hip-hop/rap. Yes, there is a difference!

The other day, a friend of mine introduced me to the track Otis by way of YouTube. I loved the video and the track. Couldn’t stop watching it. Grown men jacking up a Maybach so that freaking FIRE shoots out of the back of it? Yes, please. OK, it’s a disgusting flaunting of wealth, but they’re having fun and not hurting anybody, so I’m not mad at ’em. Experience it for yourself:

I decided that I needed to own that track. I ended up getting the entire album and I regret nothing. I love Who Gon Stop Me, Ni**as in Paris, No Church in the Wild, and Made in America the best. The only song I hate is The Joy.

I’ve always respected Jay-Z as an artist, but my feelings on Kanye were lukewarm. I like their collaboration, though, enough that the album’s been on repeat for the past three and a half hours.

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