Aidan's Jack O Lantern The temperatures have dropped to the 50s and 60s, but I am still in denial that summer really is gone. Honestly, I’m still holding out for an Indian Summer, so I haven’t packed away my summer clothing just yet. Never mind that I spent Friday wearing a winter jacket.

There was a receipt in the winter jacket. It was dated May 26, 2011. I gasped in horror. I was wearing a winter jacket at the end of May. That means that so far, there have been only three months out of this year that I haven’t had to wear a winter jacket. And that, my friends, is depressing.

I hate being cold, and I am almost always cold. I always feel bad on the occasions that I am hot, because I know that normal people must be sweltering. And being in Chicago, well, that’s a surefire guarantee that it’s going to be cold outside at least seven months out of the year, but lately, it’s been more like nine. Because I’m now doing the majority of my working from home, this winter shouldn’t be nearly as hard on me as the past winter was, though.

Still. Winter makes me feel like this:

Photo Booth Fun!

So, I need to prepare for it so I can try to keep the depression at bay. That means a massage (one is scheduled for next Friday), my last mani/pedi of the season (although my voucher is good til next Spring–maybe I’ll wait ’til then to use it), and thinking of the upcoming holidays. The first few weeks of winter weather are all fun and games. It’s usually not too terribly cold yet, and I’m in full on holiday mode. December is always super busy for us and I love it. This Christmas, my mom and Aidan will be here in Chicago, which is great on many levels. So there’s that. But once all that’s over, here’s nothing but months and months of cold and grey. *shudder*

BUT. NOT DWELLING ON THAT NOW. I (hopefully) have plenty of time before the snow flies!

That’s all for now. Short(ish) and sweet. ‘Til next time… :)

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