I think I’ve managed to completely screw up my sleep schedule. Just to give you an example, this is what I did yesterday/today.

Yesterday, I woke up at 7am, and stayed up and read til about 8:30 or 9am. Went back to sleep until 11:25am. Got up and went to yoga. A NICE long yoga class. Came home and stayed up til about 6pm. Read, then crashed at some point. Woke up at about 11pm. Stayed up til after 5am. Got out of bed today at about… 1pm.


(You know what else is messed up? I forgot to make a wish for 11.11.11. How lame is that?)

I *like* to get up around 10am at the latest. My husband wakes up at 6am or something crazy like that every day. So by the time I think about rolling out of bed, he’s been up for four hours already. It makes me feel bad.

Although it shouldn’t, because I am up really late at night so it’s not like I’m sleeping ALL THE TIME. I’ve been this way since high school, always preferring the late night to the bustling day. It’s so quiet, and I’ve lately been appreciating quiet very much.

In the Sing Yourself Awake! workshop, Suzanne Sterling talked about how yoga makes us more sensitive–so sensitive that we can’t tolerate certain things anymore. It’s true. I can’t stand to watch (or hear) movies/TV shows with violence, yelling, or lots of anger. (I used to love The Boondock Saints–I wonder how I’d react to it now.) I don’t like bars. In fact, I hate bars. Loud music or a TV show (that I didn’t choose) is like an assault on my soul and it gets me completely tense and stressed out.

So, to counteract that, I should be making noise of my own. Except as adults, we’re kinda taught that making noises is… weird. I mean, I get anxious when I’m out shopping because I don’t want to be bothered with all the other people (seems like no matter what I want to look at, a million other people want to look at it too even though no one had been there until I got there, but I’m sure as hell not going to squat down and make a first chakra noise to calm myself while I’m in the grocery store or the toy aisle at Target or avoiding being run over by a double wide stroller in the North Avenue Whole Foods.

(Seriously, what is wrong with the customers in that store? It’s really scary in there.)

I thought about getting up really early and heading downtown to do some shopping. Then I remembered that it’s Saturday and that I didn’t want to deal with crowds. I considered cleaning the fridge–then I remembered that we need more trash bags and Adam has the car, so I can’t go get any. I mean, I *could* but that would mean hitting CVS and seriously overpaying. Nope! Thank you! That leaves Aidan’s room. I really don’t want to tackle Aidan’s room. Aidan destroys it when he is here, and when he is gone, Adam finishes the job. But we need to handle it soon because Aidan will be here in ten days!! I told Adam to tackle the high level stuff, and that I’d handle all the little details he misses; the things that make the room look nice and smell nice and like a room instead of The Temple of Doom. BUT, with Christmas coming up, I want to make sure I have easy access to the decorations and things. So I WILL have to do a bit of heavy lifting so that stuff won’t get buried, buried, buried.

It’s a very delicate operation. And I have to try not to hurt myself in the process. Still, I think I WILL brace myself and head into Aidan’s room and see what I can do. Wish me luck!

Believe me, I’ll need it.
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