Random Ronni

…a little meme I got from The Wiegands, who got it from Little Miss Momma.

I am {weird} because…
· I hate the sound of footsteps.
· …and the sound of people/animals eating/chewing/kissing/licking/etc.
· I like to eat fruity cereal with Kool-Aid instead of milk.
(Shut up. It’s good. Don’t knock it ’til ya try it is ALL I’M SAYIN’.)
· I still play with dolls.
· I have an extremely loud sneeze.
· My fingernails grow really fast.
· I love washing and drying clothes. Not so much with the putting away.
· I like the crunchy sound the vacuum makes when it’s sucking stuff up.
· I talk in cartoon voices most of the time.
(Adam hates it.)
· I don’t talk to my mom on the home a lot, but when we do talk, we make up for lost time.
(I think our record is seven hours straight.)
· I need glasses, but I think I look cuter without them so I usually take them off for pictures.
(But sometimes not.)
Yoga Happy

I am {a bad friend} because…
· I hardly ever pick up the phone when it rings.
(In all fairness, the phone is rarely anywhere near me whenever it rings.)
· I’m bad at making the first move when it comes to keeping in touch,
especially if it involves a phone call.
· I am a homebody.
· I forget birthdays.

I am {a good friend} because…
· If you tell me a secret, I will keep that secret locked tightly in my heart forever.
I’m still holding secrets of people who no longer speak to me, only because I made that promise.
· I wish I had all the $ in the world so I could spoil all my friends rotten.
· I will make you laugh.
· I am trustworthy.

I am {sad} because…
· I don’t think the temperature will break 60F in Chicago for the rest of 2011.
· It’s already after 9pm.
· I broke Adam’s oil fragrance burner by mistake today while I was cleaning. :(

I am {happy} because…
· Aidan got honor roll and perfect attendance.
· I get to go shopping tomorrow to buy a NEW oil fragrance burner!
· I bought nearly $200 of merchandise at Old Navy today, but only paid just under $35.
· Aidan’s room is clean! I pwned that ish.
· The living room is clean!
· Aidan will be here in TWO DAYS!

I am {excited} because…
· Um, hello! Aidan will be here in TWO DAYS!!!
· Thanksmas is going to be awesome.
· Many photo taking opportunities are coming up!
· My birthday is a month from today!

· It’s almost time to put up the Christmas decorations.
· Christmas is going to be awesome.

Random Ronni

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