Christmas Ornaments 2011

Have you been naughty or nice this year?
But definitely more nice.

What do you want most for Christmas?
Gratitude in my heart.

Do you believe in Father Christmas?
I’ve never encountered him,
but that’s not to say he isn’t around.

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?

Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet?

What is your favorite Christmas movie?
A Christmas Story
The Christmas List

What do you look forward to most at Christmas?
Gifts and food.
Time with my family.
Taking photos.

What are you doing for Christmas this year?
Aidan and my mom fly in on
December 20
(which also happens to be my birthday)
We’re going to eat good food
bake cookies
watch holiday programming
and have a relaxing holiday.

Who do you want to kiss under the mistletoe?
I don’t have mistletoe
but if I did
I’d want to kiss

What kind of Christmas tree do you have?

Do you take part in a Secret Santa?
Not anymore.

Do you go to any Christmas parties?
I go to the Moksha holiday party.

Have you ever had a white Christmas?
Oh yes.

How early do you wake up on Christmas morning?
I usually sleep in until 9 or 10ish.
It will depend on when Aidan gets up.

Do you still get a stocking?
Most definitely.

How many Christmas cards do you normally send out?
A lot.
Probably won’t send out as many
this year.

What is your Christmas wish?
That’s a secret.

Feel free to do this survey on your blog as well, but please comment and let me know so I can come check it out.

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