More Presents!

I firmly believe that Christmas should last for 12 whole days.
The main celebration kicks off on December 25,
and the fun should continue until January 6.
(this may just be my way of justifying waiting so long to take down the decorations)

Check out the cookies we indulged in:

Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

Sugar Cutout Cookies

Peanut Butter Drop Cookies

We did leave some for Santa, though. See the big Mickey Mouse one?

Cookies for Santa

Santa was very pleased with his selection, and he rewarded Aidan with Aidan’s Holy Grail present:

Aidan's Holy Grail

The crown came from the Christmas Crackers we opened. This is the first year I did it and it was a big hit, what with the crowns and the silly jokes.

I got a Mickey Mouse watch from my mom, a pretty necklace and an awesome sweatshirt from Adam, plus this neat thing for my computer:

My Snow White Computer Decoration

But the main thing I got from Adam was a trip to Disney World! We’re going in 45 days!!!

He was going to have Snow White holding up the trip information, but then he realized that part of the fun of the Disney trips for me is planning them. So he basically gave me a budget and told me to have at it. All he asks is that we have Garden Grill and that he gets to ride Haunted Mansion and Tower of Terror. I think I can live with that.

I’ve been reading around the blog-o-sphere, and it sounds like even though we’re all worn out from the festivities, that we’re happy. I know I feel worn out. The mere thought of doing anything more ambitious than what I’m doing now makes me feel exhausted. Still, now that the place is cleaned up a bit, I feel more relaxed and less overwhelmed. It’s time to gear up for Aidan’s birthday on Friday, and for New Years. We’re planning a small gathering, but I don’t think anyone is going to show up, and honestly, I’ll be just fine with that.

December keep us busy.

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