Two of a Kind

Aidan is back in Ohio now. He flew out this evening. Some goodbyes are a lot harder than others. For example, over the summer, he cried as he was getting on the plane. That made ME cry. But tonight? The pilot took him to the plane, which Aidan always loves. And we’d laughed our fool heads off during dinner, because he and I are silly and wacky like that and I know for sure that Adam often looks at us like “What the hell?”

A Rather Large Slice of Pizza
aidan’s dinner.
a rather large slice of pizza.

Tonight’s goodbye was a little bit easier. There were no tears, just lots of hugs and cuddles. It’s always hard for me, though, not to have my little boy with me all the time. At the time when his dad asked for residency, I didn’t belive I was in shape to be a good mom, plus I didn’t want to screw up Aidan’s life and his routine any more than I already had. But now, I want him here with me…but I don’t want to uproot his life. He’s doing well there. He loves school (and he is KICKING BUTT at it if I do say so myself), he’s got his friends, he’s got a life there. And he gets to spend all his vacations in a cool city.

Still. Sometimes I miss kissing that little face so much it aches. I love hearing him laugh. (He’s got the cutest laugh.) And let’s not go there with the guilt.

So, for now, Adam and I will go back to our quiet little life here. And I’ll go back to counting the days until Aidan’s next visit.

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