I am determined that February will be awesome. For one thing, it’s a red and pink month. I don’t have synesthesia, but months have always had colors for me. January is blue and grey. March is green. And February is red and pink. Probably has more to do with the seasonal decorations than anything special my brain is doing.

But ANYWAY. February is going to be made of awesome because I SAID SO. I’m already one book ahead on my 2012 Reading Challenge, and today, I got back on my exercise bike after not using the poor thing for months. I just don’t want to be one of those people whose exercise equipment becomes a coat hanger.

Pre Workout
pre-workout myspace angle pic

I really do need to be committed to taking better care of myself. I got the bike because I know myself. Even if I paid $1,000/month for a gym membership, I’d never go. Part of the reason is that I had a bad experience with a gym. I am pretty sure the events are unrelated, but the last time I worked out really hard in a gym (January 2000), I caught a terrible round of the flu that night. I was sick for two weeks. IT SUCKED. Every time I think of a gym, I get scared that I’ll catch the flu if I go.

So, I figure it’s better for me to workout at home. For one thing, the bike is RIGHT THERE taunting me like “Dude. You’ve been on the couch for four hours. Get over here and get your workout on.”

Not only that, but I get FREE UNLIMITED YOGA at Moksha. It’s a seven minute walk from my apartment. I need to be going to a class at least three times every week. EVERY WEEK.

(I also have yoga DVDs here.)

There really is no excuse.

So today, February 1, 2012, I commit to being more physically active. No matter how much winter makes me want to hibernate. Otherwise, I’ll never be able to do this:

So, this has been the week of GETTING STUFF DONE. I used to rave about iProcrastinate, but Producteev is so much better. It has a reminder function. I can sync my tasks between the computer, the net, and my phone. It sends me emails when stuff is coming up due, and if I’ve forgotten something, it sends an email for that, too. And I can mark things as “done” in the email, send it on, and it’ll update everywhere. It really keeps me organized. Cloud software RULES.

Disney World in less than two weeks! That is AWESOME, y’all. I was going through a friend’s Disney pix and working myself all up. It’s a short trip–four days/three nights–but we’ll make the best of it. I guess I’m kind of in denial. I never pack or anything until very late the night before. I don’t know why I have to act like that. I *am* excited. Can’t wait to see Mickey and the gang and eat good food and just be cut off from the world.

I have a lot of prep to do for Disney. Like making a packing list. Checking in to our hotel. Asking Adam if he wants to pre-order the Photopass CD. Making arrangements for the kitty cats. A bunch of other stuff that escapes me right now. I can’t believe how chill I am. I used to freak out, making spreadsheets and all sorts of things for trips. Now I’m just like “Whatever. It’ll be good.”

When I get back from Disney, I need to work on Making More Money. I don’t like pinching pennies. And pennies don’t like to be pinched. It hurts them.

But I’m not going to worry about that now.

I’m sure I had some other stuff to write about, but I can’t remember any of it. So I’ll go for now.

‘Til next time.

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