The past few weeks have been really good. Just… lots of neat things happening to make me smile.


Remember a long time ago when I was talking about a life-changing decision? And kind of freaking out about it? Well, after much thought, I’ve decided to start Yoga Teacher Training. I love working for the yoga studio, and I love yoga, and I was given some great gifts from Moksha for this training to be possible. But the rub was that I’d be in Group 2, which has classes on Tuesday. You know what that means. I can’t work full time for the next five months. So that was one thing holding me back. (Not that I am working full time anyway.) Being freelance, work comes and goes. Sometimes I am honestly buried and overwhelmed. And sometimes, there is… nothing. I actually like the flexibility being freelance affords me. But I knew that making this decision could close the door to full time work for a while. I had to make sure we’d be OK with that.

The support I’ve gotten from friends and family has been OVERWHELMING. I am so blessed to have people who believe in me, even when I’m doubting myself. And I know this journeyis going to be amazing! So I’m loving and basking in it. I know this is going to be amazing.


If you follow my Twitter, you know that I’ve been craving cake for the past six to eight weeks. My friend Andy took note of that and got a cake delivered to my house!

(Sorry for the image quality. I was too anxious to start eating to worry about getting excellent shots!)

smiley face!

lemon with fresh strawberries

So yea. Boy did I get cake! MY FRIENDS ARE AWESOME!


Thursday, In the Office
in the office
GREAT hair day, don’t you think?

Right after Disney, I had the pleasure of working in two offices that were just great. It’s something nice when you walk into a workplace and you feel calm and like your work means something. Every single day was a good day at those places. (And you know that doesn’t happen often. Or maybe I just got used to BAD DAYS every day at former places of work.) So, not only did I get to work in nice places, but the extra/unexpected income was a nice bonus.


So I got these boots:

They are the Queen Boots. I already have the black pair and I LOVE LOVE LOVE those boots so much you guys. But I recently got a gorgeous brown sweater and well, we know better than to wear black boots with a brown sweater, right? These had been on my wish list for a while, and they were on sale, so it was a no-brainer, really. Because basically, WantedShoes has the best boots ever. (And those are not affiliate links or anything. I really do love them that much.)


Other good things:
a. I won a bunch of giveaways
b. listening to Ginger Doss and Bekah Kelso
c. The Hunger Games movie comes out in 14 days
d. …and I get to see s00j in 15 days!
e. Adam just brought me JAMMIE DODGERS! Oh yeah!!! :D

Source: via Ronni on Pinterest

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