In Chicago, Spring typically doesn’t show up. If it does, it lasts for about three days and doesn’t appear until June 23rd. So this year has been a pleasant surprise! The trees are budding! Last year, the trees didn’t start budding until late May!

Happy Spring!!

I’m loving it. Adam hates it. But he loves winter and I hate it. How’s that for “opposites attract”?

Yoga teacher training is still going. I took two quizzes yesterday, got a 94% on one and an 85% on the other. I still have butt loads of homework to complete, and my shoulders are kinda unhappy from a long day of chatarunga and upward facing dog. Monday we had an orientation, and it’s going to be super busy for the next thirteen months. So many classes to take and so much homework. Still, I keep telling myself that I’ll be OK. That I can handle it and to think about how much I love sharing all the knowledge I’m learning!

Today, though, I took it kind of easy. A while ago, I broke down and ordered one of the Erin Condren Life Planners. Then I eagerly awaited for it to arrive–and it came today! :) I love it. I spent the afternoon filling in a bunch of Yoga Teacher Training stuff. There is a LOT. I need to find my older planner so I can transfer the rest of my information over.

I love filling out planners. :p

Sunday, Fi hopped onto my lap. He NEVER gets on laps. I had to commemorate this moment because it was awesome. I love Fi so much.

Fi on my lap! He never gets on laps.

I also managed to snap a pretty dramatic-looking photo of Helena.


So, it’s only Wednesday, and my week’s already been awesome. But the biggest thing (so far) is that Adam got me this!

My Four Year of Living In Chicago Present!

See, Saturday was my four year anniversary of living in Chicago. I moved here on St. Patrick’s Day in 2008. It was overcast, cold, and there were flurries coming from the sky. Sucks as far as Spring weather goes, but perfect moving weather. Anyway, Adam says it’s my anniversary present. How cool is that? So I’ve been playing with it, customizing it, setting it up and everything. Fantastic! And a total surprise!

Here’s what it looks like now:

iPad Screenshot

Cool, huh? This is just my first page. I have five pages. I’d upload it now but Adam’s playing Skee-Ball on it.

With the exception of an emergency project for a client, I took it easy today. I need to get back on the ball tomorrow. I need to pick up my clothes and also pull out some summer/spring outfits. I also need to organize my nightstand, dresser, and general Ronni area. Bathroom needs to be cleaned as well. Then Friday, I go see The Hunger Games, then attend a workshop at Moksha, then clean some more! We have awesome guests coming to stay with us and I want the place to be all nice for them. Busy, music-filled weekend ahead, and then I have to get a lot of studying in besides.

Good times.

OK then. I’m tired. And hungry. Time to grab something to nibble then head to bed. I got a LOT of cleaning to do. :o Til next time.

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