It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these. This one looked fun, so I thought “why not?”

So, here goes!

Saturday 9: Come Dancing

1. When was the last time that you went out dancing?
It’s been years! I went out in December, and I danced when I was out, but I didn’t go out for the purpose of dancing, if that makes sense.

2. Have you ever had an argument with a teacher?
Not that I remember. Once, though, a teacher asked the class, “What am I supposed to do with this?” and I answered, “Eat it.” That earned me a detention. I was seven or eight at the time. I remember my parents putting on this show in front of the teacher: NO MICHAEL JACKSON FOR A WEEK. They never enforced it, and I found out years later that they thought it was hilarious and that’s why I really didn’t get in trouble with them.

3. Do you have a tough time remembering people’s names?
Yes. I’m great at faces but not so good at names.

4. Would you rather change your past or know your future?
I don’t know. There are amazing things because of my past, like Aidan. So I think I like it the way it is.

5. What’s one thing you feel you must do in your life before it ends?
· Travel out of the U.S.
· See Aidan grow up.
· Publish a novel.
· This:

This is Ingrid Yang.
She is beautiful and amazing.
Seriously, read her bio.
I haven’t met her yet.
Her class is level 2-3 and I’ve been doing 1-2.
(Mia, who has been teaching me for nearly two years, thinks I can handle 2-3,
but for some reason, I’ve been scared to try it.)

Ingrid inspires me just the same.

6. How many credit cards do you have right now that have a zero balance?
I have two credit cards, and one has a zero balance. I’m maintaining a balance and paying more than the minimum payment on my other to rebuild my credit.

7. What is the most expensive thing you purchased this year?
My yoga teacher training tuition. Well, I haven’t purchased it outright. I’m on a payment plan. And I got an AWESOME scholarship. But it’s still expensive. Worth it, though.

8 . If you’re married, this probably doesn’t apply to you, but: Are you mindful about getting tested for STDs/HIV at least semi-regularly? Why/why not? Married people: Were you mindful about this type of thing when you were single? Why/why not?
I was never promiscuous, nor did I spend much time single. Once I went to college, I was in monogamous relationships pretty much all the time until I got married.

9. If you could ask the president of the United States one question, what would it be?
I’d ask him if it’s all been worth it. I swear, it looked like he started sprouting grey hairs the very night he got elected. I NEVER want to take on his role. OR I’d ask him if he’d want to hang out with me. Not as the president but as himself. He seems fun.

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