Random Tuesday Night

This week is already awesome. I mean, Aidan is here so how can it be bad anyway, right? :D

Yesterday started off with a great phone call from a client, then a trip out to Oakbrook for some shopping. Aidan tried out the really fancy $3000 massage chair that has zero gravity, scans your body to properly determine the massage, and it is AWESOME. Aidan asked why the Easter Bunny didn’t bring him one of THOSE.

Aidan Trying Out The Fancy Massage Chair at Brookstone

I’m pretty sure that Brookstone is the real life version of SkyMall.

We also had lunch at The Cheesecake Factory where Adam managed to find something that was kosher enough for Passover. I had chicken romano, like I always get, and my favorite dessert, the lemoncello.


Frankly, Cheesecake Factory isn’t my favorite place to eat. The portions are way too large, even the lunch sized ones. But that dessert. Gah gah gah.

Yoga teacher training was good today. I was kind of dreading it because as you know, I’ve been feeling really tired and listless. But it was good! I got my front seat again, and I got to teach with my favorite partner again. Today we did a lot of standing forward folds, including my favorite, Prasarita Padottanasana (Wide-Legged Forward Fold). Y’all. I think this is my favorite standing pose EVER. Even more than Warrior I or II, and DEFINITELY more than Side Angle or Triangle.

Source: yogajournal.com via Ronni on Pinterest

Doesn’t it look heavenly? I can’t get my head all the way to the floor. I have to use a block. But if I keep practicing, one day my head WILL touch the floor. Touching your head to the floor drains all the worries and stress out of you and gives it to the earth. It’s true. I feel a hundred pounds lighter when I come out of the pose. Awesome.

Tomorrow I will take it easy. I have to start studying hardcore–big quiz on Tuesday. I have a lecture tomorrow, but it’s not until the evening. Should be good.

I need a massage so badly. It’s time to go ahead and schedule one for next week. Maybe a pedicure as well for good measure–as long as the weather warms up nicely enough for me to wear the flip flops home. The cold is certainly not giving up easily. We’ll get a day in the 60s but then we have to pay for it with a day like today, when the high didn’t get out of the 40s. I’m really OVER that cold bite in the air. I’m ready for mild temps. It LOOKS like Spring outside, but it still feels like November. Bah.

So. Not sure if you remember I got an Erin Condren Life Planner recently. I have to tell you one thing. IT IS SO WORTH THE COST. I use it every single day, and I take it everywhere. It’s been so helpful. AND the 2012 ones are on sale now. If you’re looking to try one out, now’s a good time to do so. I definitely plan on getting one for 2013. Wonderful investment. :)

And now, I leave you with this cuteness.

My Pretty Girl

OK then. ‘Til next time.

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