So, this is my first and probably last ever What I Wore link up post. You know how I am about fashion. As in, I have no sense of it whatsoever. But I couldn’t help but hop on this What I Wore: Wedding Edition one from Absolute Mommy because well, it’s easy! :)

Adam and I got married July 27, 2008. It was a guerilla style wedding. We told a bunch of friends we were going to “elope” at Edgewater Beach at 10:30 am, and if they wanted to join us, they were more than welcome. We had a pretty good turnout, too! :)

Adam and I…we just are not into huge, formal events. We wanted to spend most of our money on our Disneymoon. So, we kept it very simple.

I wore a simple sundress off the rack from Macy’s:

Ronni is Happy!

A string of pearls that I’m actually not sure where they came from. (Probably my mom.) I found them in my jewelry box and thought they were perfect.

Getting Ready

My shoes were a simple pair of white sandals from Payless. But mostly, I was barefoot.

The Bride

My bouquet was made by my ex-husband; that was his gift to me. Isn’t it pretty? I told him he needs to go into business.

My Bouquet

But here is the most important thing.

Getting Ready

Didn’t want to be funky on my wedding day, now did I? :)

I remember feeling so excited that day. I got up and blasted that Andrews Sisters wedding day song. I ate a lemon donut.

Having Some Breakfast

And I was surrounded by so much love! The weather was perfect and there were dragonflies flying over the lake.

It was a good day.

Ronni & Adam

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