Study Time

I *should* be studying. Daren (my teacher) emailed a bunch of handouts and mentioned that there will be a pop quiz in class. That’s tomorrow, yo! I just cannot focus, though. In addition, it’s a gorgeous 77F outside, and I am aching from a yoga-filled shoulder-opening weekend. I just want to read more of Between The Sea and Sky, then lie down and sleep for a while. MAYBE I WILL and then when I wake up I will be able to focus on studying.

Tonight is the series finale of Make It Or Break It. I guess I’d better get my tissues ready. I don’t want to say good-bye to Payson and Kaylie and Lauren. Well, maybe Lauren. But not Payson and Kaylie! Oh well. All good things must come to an end, I suppose. And any reason for me to watch less TV is a good reason, right?

As it is, I don’t watch much TV anyway. I mean, some nights I do go on a House Hunters binge, and if I catch an America’s Next Top Model marathon (from any cycle except the current one), then I will indulge. But for the most part, I don’t watch a lot. Or the seasons are staggered, so I’m usually not into more than one show at a time. The only shows I really go nuts over are Downton Abbey and Doctor Who.


I will be at Lululemon Buckdown this coming Sunday, assisting with the free community yoga class. If you’re local and free from 10-11am, you should come! :) Did I mention that it’s FREE?

My planner looks deceptively empty but I will be working in an office two days this week (and one day next week), and that takes up a lot of time! Gotta make that $, though, and this office is a nice one to work in. Commute should be nice too. I mean, it won’t be, it’ll be crowded on the bus which I will hate, but it will be warm outside. Maybe I’ll wear a dress or a skirt! Ooooooo!

OK. There’s really no point to this entry. Except to put off the studying. I should get on that, huh?

‘Til next time….

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