Perfect in my Imperfection

I almost put “Happy Monday” as my subject, then I looked at my menu bar and saw that it is indeed, Tuesday. Of COURSE it’s Tuesday; I had my teacher training today. We worked on seated twists. It was good. One of the twists–I went into a bind (with some help) and I DEFINITELY felt it where I get my side pains. I’m hoping the twist wrang out whatever causes that pain. Cause that’s what twists do, you know. They wring out your organs and detoxify them.

I kinda got my wish Sunday. I didn’t get to be in a TON of nature but I did get to sit under a tree and read. :) I had to do some yoga poses. Here’s my favorite:

Rock 'n Roll Ustrasana
Rock ‘n Roll Ustrasana

I had a good time at the park. The weather was perfect, I had my tree, and it was peaceful. Definitely needed that recharge. :)


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