In The Backyard

It’s August, you guys. How did it get to be August? So many things coming to an end this month. Today was the last day of my first yoga teacher training apprenticeship. Next Tuesday will be the last day of Foundations training. And next Wednesday evening is my last homework review.

Which means it’ll be time for me to settle down and play catch up for a bit. I’ve got loads of plates to color in my Anatomy Coloring Book, some reading to catch up on, and some things to prepare for in the fall. But I am definitely going to take a breather because it’s gonna be CRAZY once fall hits!

I didn’t talk much about my apprenticeship here. I did most of my venting regarding that over on my yoga blog. Not venting in a bad way at all. Amber was great. I learned so much from her. I got to teach poses in three different classes, and by my third class, people were complimenting me. :) Complimenting me on my teaching, on my adjustments… it was pretty cool.

Honestly, I’ve spent a great deal of July slacking off. I mean, I’ve been going to training and workshops and things, but I didn’t go to a lot of yoga classes in July. I have been working like crazy–it’s busy time for my clients–and spending WAY TOO MUCH TIME playing SimCity Social (taking a break from FarmVille) and reading tumblr. So I’ve been doing what I’m supposed to do, but I’ve not been taking time to do more productive things in my free time. There is a saying out there that says any time doing something fun is not time wasted, but well, you know.

I need to get back focused, though. More exercising–back to yoga and back on my exercise bike–and getting my coloring and reading handled. So, there you go. A quick update. I’m tired now, so I’m heading to bed. ‘Til next time!

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