Chicago G-12 Teacher Trainees

back row: Christine, Reshma, Ariel, Graham, Daren (our teacher), Julie, Atticus, Mary, Carmen, Sabrina.
front row: Amy, Denise, Me!, Fatima, Genevieve, Milena

That’s all of us, except for Cameron, who had to leave early for work.

We just completed foundations training. Twenty-two classes, giving us the foundation for our teaching. Poses, lectures, nutrition, gunas, sutras. New friends, good times, great oldies. It was all there.

Up next? Video review. Teaching karma/community classes. Anatomy classes. Workshops with Kathryn Budig, Seane Corn (love her), Aadil Palhkivala (I am SO PUMPED for this one you have no idea), Suzanne Sterling (can’t wait to see her again!), and Tias Little. Answering study guide questions, book reviews, catching up on my reading and my Anatomy Coloring Book assignments. All of that will keep me quite busy until the end of 2012.

Now 2013? That’s a whole other animal, and I’m just gonna not worry about that now. :)

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