Time is flying. I can’t believe that next week it’ll be autumn. Seems like it was just summer, and I was wearing my tiny shorts and tank tops. Today, I was all bundled up, which made some people tease me. (Forgive me, I freeze easily!) Some people had on short sleeves and shorts. And every time I am freezing at work, at least one person is like “You’re cold? It’s hot in here to me!”

I have the space heater blowing on my feet now, while Adam basks in the air conditioning. WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?

me freezing at one office or another

Sorry I haven’t been so active on the blog here. Besides that fact that I’ve spent some time on tumblr, I’ve been pretty busy. I did get the bathroom cleaned up, but now my room and my “nest” is a hot mess. I’ve been working onsite for two of my favorite clients, trying to squeeze in yoga classes, and attending workshops and extra courses. Spent all weekend at a Building Blocks of Alignment workshop, and started my Thursday night anatomy classes. First weekend of September was spent at WorldCon, where I got to spend time with friends I hadn’t seen since 2009, and some who I’d seen a little bit more recently. I also blew a nice chunk of change in the Dealer’s Room–there’s something about handmade jewelry that’s just super hard to resist. And hair falls! I got new hair falls!

I guess, if I were to use a few photos to sum up what I’ve been up to the past few weeks, it’d be this:

Today's Polish :)
Dessert Leaving for Yoga
Good night! I'm at Worldcon

And that’s just a tiny sampling! But it’s a good kind of busy though. It’s tiring, but fulfilling. And I’m grateful for it.

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