Now that it’s getting colder (when I left this morning, it was a terrifying 42F), it’s time to start thinking about the upcoming holidays. I mean, it’s only 26 days until Halloween, and I haven’t been to a big box store in a while, but I’d imagine that the Christmas decorations have already snuck onto the shelves, competing with the Halloween costumes and candy.

I’ve already gotten a gift for my mom, and it arrived safely a few days ago. I’ve only begun thinking of ideas of what to get for Adam and Aidan and other people.

I don’t care for the cold, but I don’t mind this lead up to the holidays so much. The cold weather is accented by the pretty oranges, reds, and golds of autumn, then the festive greens, reds, and silvers of the holiday season. There’s Thanksgiving and Christmas shopping and wrapping gifts and Christmas music to listen to. Lots of opportunity for photos, and even I can admit that evergreen boughs with red bows sprinkled with snow is gorgeous.

But once the holidays are over, it’s just nothing but dirty, grey, slushy snow. Slick, slippery ice. Cutting winds. Bitterly cold temperatures and the depression that comes with it. As far as I’m concerned, once Christmas is over, the snow can go away and the temps can start being in the 70s and above. If the seasons went this way: Spring-Summer-Fall-Spring-Summer-Fall, I’d be happy. The ONLY good things about winter, in my opinion, are Christmas, Aidan’s birthday, and our February trips to Disney World. Summer really does go too fast for me.

But I still have several months until January, and I still have lots to look forward to in the meantime, so YAY. :)

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