Modeling the Cartoon Bag

Like my new bag? I got it from Jump From Paper. I love it.

I thought that October was going to be my crazy month, but it’s November that’s nuts! I haven’t had a full pajama day all month. OK, it’s only just ten days in, so not that big of a deal, but still. Wild.

Things are sort of calming down. I have a workshop all weekend (had one session tonight, have two sessions tomorrow, one session Sunday morning), and I have my last yoga teacher training class and potluck Sunday night. That should be fun. I went to my last video review Monday, also attended a business course, and Thursday night, I had my last anatomy class.

Rotator Cuff Muscles in Anatomy Class
I will miss Ole Skelly.

Only ONE more intensive left. Anatomy of the Chakras with Tias Little. The intensives are hard for me. The days are very long (10am-530pm, with the exception of the last day, which is 10am-230pm), and the sheer amount of information pouring in is overwhelming and exhausting. But I like learning about the chakras, so it should be interesting. I’m thinking I’ll need to purchase a new notebook just for this intensive. OH DARN. What a sacrifice, having to buy a new notebook. ;)

I’m in the middle of my apprenticeship with Mia and with teaching my karma/community classes. I’m excited because Graham (a fellow trainee) is going to co-teach a few with me and THAT IS GOING TO BE SO MUCH FUN. I get so nervous before I teach and even while I am teaching. A lot of is ego–I’m scared they won’t like me or that they’ll think I’m a hack. Some of it is that I am genuinely worried I’ll hurt someone or cause them to get hurt and that scares me. But there is risk anytime there is physical activity and the students have signed a release. Doesn’t make it less scary, though. I have a couple of regular students, though, so that’s neat. I think teaching with Graham will help my nerves and also make the class light and happy.

We held an election party Tuesday night. It was a lot of fun, especially because Aidan was in town for the event! Adam made this delicious stew and the cornbread complemented it perfectly. Yummy. Adam’s trick is that he uses a tomato-based broth. I think that goes so well with the sweetness of the cornbread and it’s just darn tasty! The link to the recipe is here. Aidan chopped most of the veggies, which he LOVED. He also helped make the cornbread.

Just got paid, so I will deposit that money, and once things calm down, I will really jump into holiday shopping. I’ve already started shopping for my mom, and I got ideas for Aidan that I put into an Amazon wish list here. My wish list is here. :) Eee, I love buying presents! My favorite holiday season is almost here!!

But first, there will be Thanksgiving. I’m looking forward to it this year. We’re hosting Jeff and Deborah and hopefully our friend Jen as well. It’s going to be gooood. Turkey with all the trimmings, apple pie (there WILL be apple pie, the decision’s been made), good company, good times. So excited. Not only that, but teacher training stuff will have calmed down and all I’ll have is teaching and apprenticing for a while. It’ll be nice to be able to focus on the non-contact stuff for a while, like my thesis, book reviews, write-ups, etc.

But for now, I’m busy. But I’m blessed. And therefore, I’m happy.

Pretty Girl

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