I’m pretty sure I was the teacher’s pet when I was in 3rd grade. It was a good place to be. My teacher’s name was Ms. Oden and she was awesome. I genuinely loved her and loved doing well in school to please her. That kind of stayed ingrained in me, and I was proud of doing well. I remember I loved school and learning.

I had some difficulties in 4th, 5th, and 6th grade (4th and 5th, I was no longer the teacher’s pet and honestly, it hurt, and 6th, I just didn’t care anymore), but by intermediate school (what you folks mostly know as middle school), I was kind of a hot mess.

When I got to 7th grade, I realized how much it bothered me that I wasn’t one of the “cool kids.” It hurt to be called a nerd (and ugly, and ironing board chest, and horse nose and God knows what else). So I did stupid things like sabatoge my grades so I could be one of the “cool kids.” That was so stupid. All the cool kids went on to become valedictorians and stuff, and I had a hard time recovering from having backslid into bad study habits and a bad academic attitude.

But… there is hope for future generations. A really fun CD titled Call Me A Nerd.

I wish I’d had this CD around when I was going through all that bullcrap. I wanted to fit in so badly, it never occurred to me that:
1.) It wouldn’t make people like me more (because it sure as hell didn’t make them like me more–my nerdiness had very little to do with my 4.125 GPA and everything to do with the fact that I was awkward, ugly, and too skinny)
2.) I would be possibly jeopardizing my future so I could seem cool (WTF)
3.) It would take me years to figure out who the hell I really was

I’ve never been “cool”, and I don’t think I’m all that cool now, but I love my life and I love how I am and who I am. If only I’d known this back then…. except you couldn’t pay me anything to get me back to that time in my life. Hell to the no.

That’s where this CD can come in handy! Nip that kind of thinking in the bud so kids won’t go around doing stupid stuff to fit in or seem cool. The songs are uplifting and empowering, but they have that Phineas and Ferb vibe kids’ll love. It’s like the Free to be You and Me for the 21st century. But maybe way cooler. Which is ironic because it’s about being a nerd. But anyway, would you like a copy for your budding scholar? Of course you would. Listen to it here. You can buy it here, but lucky for you, I’m giving away a copy! So, how about you enter this here giveaway and try your luck? :)

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Thanks for reading my story, and I hope you win! :)

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