Sitting here, listening to my *Best Christmas* playlist and thinking about decorating/wrapping presents/addressing Christmas cards but really not doing any of that. :)

We’re five days into December and it’s already pretty awesome. We’ve had really mild temperatures (which I am loving). December 1 kicked off with the Moksha Yoga holiday party.

Moksha's Holiday Tree
moksha’s “tree”

Amber doing Wheel w/Leg Up!
amber dazzling us with a really hard pose

i love these folks
reshma, julie, me, graham

Sunday, I started off the day with brunch with Reshma, then that evening, I headed out to King Spa for a night of relaxation and pampering. I LOVE King Spa. $25 admission gets you access to so much. Then you can spring for extras like massages and facials and body scrubs. The best part is that it’s 24/7, so I can go anytime I get the urge!

Monday was another brunch date, this time with Jen. Adam and I headed out that evening to see the zoo lights, not realizing that they only turn them on during the weekends. Honestly, I’m not sure of their thinking. The lights are on only weekends leading up to Christmas, then after Christmas, they’re on every day for two weeks. WHAT? Only Chicago. Always doing stuff that MAKES NO SENSE whatsoever. *shakes head*

I was pretty disappointed, so we went to Molly’s Cupcakes for a consolation prize. I got the Mint Velvet cupcake.

how jealous of this are you?

Tuesday, Adam and I headed out to Naperville for shopping, where I scored tons of this awesomeness:

Score!!! 12 boxes at Big Lots and I bought them ALL.
yes i am a snack hoarder why do you ask?

Then we headed to a Heather Dale show, consisting of traditional Yule carols. Oh, her voice is pure and sweet. And she can play so many instruments. She was a joy to watch and listen to. (And you can listen yourself if you go to her site and download her free album!) We got to experience beautiful singing and music, talk to cool people, and HUG A S00J!!!

Love!! @adamselzer @s00j
s00j, me, adam
YAY s00j!!!!!!

sj tucker and heather dale making beautiful music

sj tucker and heather dale making more beautiful music

It was a lovely night. :)

And randomly…I like seeing people’s trees in their windows, and I like the trees that are up in the stores. They look really pretty this year. I am not sure when I will put my tree up. Maybe this weekend. I haven’t even decided if I’m going to go for the Disney theme again or just do a generic theme like I’ve done in the past, or a combination of both. I sometimes wish we had room for a 7- or 8-foot tree so I could have room for all my ornaments, but my 6-foot is OK. I once had a huge tree and the bottom half was bare because of cats and toddler Aidan. See?

Aidan's First Christmas
my tree in 2003.
notice how bare the bottom is? lol.

So…our three cats tend to leave the tree alone for the most part. Crookshanks likes to lie under it and sleep, and Helena will nibble the branches and ignore the little tree I set out for her to enjoy, but once I get the gifts underneath, they tend to leave it alone. :)

There’s still a ton to look forward to this month. Two birthdays, Solstice, Hanukkah, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, shopping, music, family, friends, food, decorating, cookies, the 24 hour A Christmas Story marathon, and more! YAY Best December ever! :D

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