The Banana Ornament

The Christmas prep frenzy is kind of dying down. Oh, I still have a million presents to wrap and some Christmas cards to get out, but the shopping is just about done, and the place is (mostly) clean and decorated. Wanna see?

The Stockings Were Hung By Heater with Flame Simulator with Care

Here’s our new entertainment center. For years, we’d used a dresser. This is much nicer. Smaller footprint, more streamlined, cooler. The dresser is now in the bedroom, being used for clothes, as God intended. :)

Snow People Party!

I don’t like the snow much (unless I am inside and looking at it and I don’t have to go out in it), but I think snow people are so cute. This is my collection.


The bookcases. We don’t have an actual mantle, so I have to get creative. :)

The Mouse King

I got this awesome mouse king nutcracker at Costco. I love him!


Pretty ornaments.

My birthday was really nice. I taught a yoga class, had brunch with Adam and Graham, and spent the rest of the day relaxing at home. So many people posted nice things on my Facebook timeline. It was nice hearing from people I hadn’t heard from in years, and it was nice get birthday wishes from people I’d admired or looked up to for years.

Adam got me a yoga bolster and this baby:

Big birthday present from @adamselzer! Queer As Folk complete set!!!

Why yes, that IS the Queer as Folk box set of the complete series. I am THRILLED about that, and I busted into that right away! :)

So much more awesome things to come…. but for now I’m sleepy. So, til next time!

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