Snowy Day in Chicago

So, according to various sources, Blue Monday falls on … well, today. January 21, 2013. The holiday bills are coming due. People are typically starting to break their New Year’s resolutions. The weather is miserable and there’s really nothing to look forward to for months. The holidays are pretty much packed away.

Someone like me, who is prone to melancholy, especially this time of year, can see it for sure. But I don’t think it’s always the case for me. For example, last year, I didn’t post about being sad. I posted about theatre. And I don’t think it will be that depressing for me this year either. For one, I don’t have any holiday bills. I paid for everything with cash. The weather is miserable (the high is supposed to be a whopping 14F today) but I don’t have to go anywhere. The work I have to do can be done from under a warm electric blanket. I didn’t make any resolutions so I don’t have to feel bad about breaking them. I have a Disney World trip to look forward to (35 days!!!), and I have a lot to be thankful for.

1. My Gratitude Buddy Wanda. She emailed me this idea that we send each other three things every day that we’re grateful for. They can be small or big things, but they’re things that we’re happy to have in our lives. She’s much better at keeping up with it than I am, but every time she sends me one, I remember to send mine back to her. I’m grateful that it’s often hard to decide WHICH three things to put.

2. Friends who automatically think of me when they want to plan trips to Disney World. I love helping my friends plan Disney trips almost as much as I love planning my own. :)

3. The kirtan I got to manage and attend Saturday night. OH MY GOD. Rich Logan is a force. The kirtan was packed–I had never seen Moksha so packed for a kirtan before. The songs and chants are still running through my head and my spirit. It was amazing. I cannot WAIT for his next one.

4. The new music I have been discovering and the old music I have been rediscovering. Like the song 7 by Prince. I bought the maxi-single to that years ago. Anyone remember maxi-singles? But yeah. That song is so good.

5. My yoga teacher training is all paid off! Now I just need to finish up my non-contact stuff and my apprenticeship so I can get my certification. Only a few months to go!

So… I’m going to go burrow under the warm electric blanket (turned up on high) and let the space heater blow on me until I get warm. I’m wearing cozy sweatpants and a long-sleeved shirt, but it’s one of those days where the bitterness just seeps through all the cracks. I have a new book to read, some cats to cuddle, and hot things to drink.

And that’s all for now folks. Til next time!

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