Because sometimes a girl just has to write, you know?

After weeks of kinda feeling listless and unmotivated, I got busy again. This is what I’ve been up to:


Last Tuesday, Aidan flew into town to spend the week with me. We had so much fun together, you guys. We stayed up late almost every night. We went to Fuddrucker’s and Half-Price Books (they have 50¢ CDs you guys!), watched funny YouTube videos, cuddled a lot, and really had a blast. He went back last night. I’m missing him so much. He’ll be back for his spring break, though, and I cannot wait!


While he was here, Aidan and I played LOTS of LEGO Harry Potter on the Wii. Remember when I said that Years 1-4 was glitched out? Well somehow it started working right, so Aidan and I played that file and got 100%! The first time I have EVER completely finished a game. We also got 97.7% in Years 5-7 and finished all the freeplay levels. I just need to finish finding all the cool stuff in Hogwarts!


I got a new computer. My precious little silver MacBook didn’t die exactly, but she was just not powerful enough for me anymore. I had 4 gigs of memory in her. I’d open up Chrome and email and it would immediately USE ALL THE RAM, and I’d still need to open Word, Adobe, and maybe Photoshop. And oh, don’t forget iTunes and Gotta have music when I’m working. It was constantly crawling, and needing to be restarted “because of a problem”.

Seeing as my livelihood is pretty wrapped up in my computer, I knew it was time to get a new one. We ventured out to Microcenter because they sell Macs just a little bit cheaper than Apple does. I knew I needed a machine with more RAM, so I was looking at the 13.3-in. MacBook Pro with 750 gig HD and 8 gigs of RAM. Adam suggested I go for the lower model and we’d just upgrade the RAM ourselves, and I could switch the hard drives in the computers. It’d save me $350. I’d have less HD space, but that’s OK. Once I get this machine cleaned off (I’ve got a LOT of music and Sims stuff, movies, and images that need to be processed and moved), I’ll be fine the the 500 gigs I already have.

At Microcenter, they told me a little secret. The guy encouraged me to upgrade my computer to 16 gigs of RAM. It was only $45 more, and still cheaper than getting the next level up. Mac says the computer is upgradable only to 8 gigs. And I think that’s all they officially support, but apparently, they can all take double what Apple says. So I went for it. Adam did the “surgery” when I got home. I powered up the new machine and I NOTICED A DIFFERENT RIGHT AWAY. The processor is only slightly faster (2.5 GHz compared to 2.4 GHz on my old machine) but the RAM upgrade…it was a GOOD decision. I can have all the programs I need to be opened open, and no crawling or constantly opening and closing programs to free up memory. Happy Ronni is Happy.

(When Aidan heard the total at the register, his eyes bugged out of his head. It was hilarious.)


I got a new freelance client! :) I was approached by a company in October (somehow I don’t remember this) about a potential freelance position. They contacted me again a few weeks ago to follow up. I had two interviews/three phone calls. And they offered me the job. I am really excited to work with them because the organizations they work with are doing good things.


Tomorrow, I’m doing my third day this week working at Tris3ct. I’m doing a special project for them. I feel like I’ve been there the last 439857498 weeks for a least one day. I’m OK with that. As I said, I love going into that office. Good vibes in there, and free foods and drinks, and nice people.

Thursday is the last day of my Customized Yoga apprenticeship. We’re going to have a pizza party after. I’ll have to remember to take pictures! Friday, I am managing Mia‘s Tantric Restorative workshop. That should be a lot of fun. I haven’t seen Mia in forever; she’s been traveling. It will be so nice to see her again and to take the workshop!

Saturday I will likely being running last minute errands, and Sunday I will be packing because I’M GOING TO DISNEY WORLD NEXT WEEK!


And DUDE. LOOK at Orlando’s weather forecast for next week:

Screen Shot 2013-02-19 at 10.30.52 p.m.

Y’all. Here in Chicago it is 14F outside. I am so looking forward to next week’s weather, among a million other things.

(at least the tees and tanks!)

But before I take off on a jet plane at Oh God Why O’Clock in the morning (our flight leaves at 6am), I have a crapload of stuff to do here. SO I should stop blogging and get to it.

Here’s a Crookshanks for your viewing pleasure.

Crookshanks the Cat

‘Til next time….

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