I found this on Lesley’s blog. (She found it on another blog.) You know I can’t resist things like this…..


…. things you’ll find in my purse
* wallet
* small notebook w/pen
* gum
* lotion
* keys

…. things you’ll find in my bedroom
* at least one cat (unless they’ve been shut out b/c someone peed on the bed again)
* stuffed animals
* toys
* clothes all over the floor
* snacks

…. things I’ve always wanted to do
* write a best selling novel
* go to another country
* act in a hollywood blockbuster
* walk the red carpet
* be interviewed on a talk show

…. things I’m currently loving
* that there is technically only 18 days of winter left
* my cute new headphones
* tang
* my new stuffed bear (but Pandernoodle is still #1 with me!)
* looking forward to Disney World this coming June

…. quirks I have
* a strong sense of smell
* a hatred of people crowding around me when I am trying to concentrate and/or shop
* a need to sleep with an electric blanket
* a hatred of the sound of footsteps, especially clicky high heels on hard wood or laminate flooring
* a need to read before I can fall asleep at night. There is a big stack of books by my side of the bed.

What about you? If you do this, let me know in the comments so I can check out your Five!

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